New Thames crossing options reviewed

A while back, with some help from the Greens, Boris killed the Thames Gateway Bridge - the only fully-developed and costed idea on the table for solving the chronic lack of options for crossing the Thames in the east of London.

But it turns out that we do need a river crossing after all - except now we've had to go back to the drawing board and review a list of options, all of which seem considerably worse than the Gateway Bridge option and would take many more years to see the light of day. has a very good summary of the TfL discussion document that sets out the main contenders. The noises coming from the Mayor suggest that he's keenest on the idea of a crossing between the Dome and Silvertown. 853blog has an excellent analysis of why this is a very bad idea - not least because it doesn't create any new crossing points from the south side, funneling traffic via the A102. It's also a more car-centric option than the Gateway Bridge was, which should please the Greens no-end.


Tamsin said...

Having deliberately early last Tuesday - around 6.45am - found the Blackwall Tunnel traffic backed up to be immobile on the Sun-in-Sands roundabout and then gone on to encounter a two hour wait at the Woolwich Ferry there is a crying need for something. But the daftness of scrapping an already well developed scheme to go back to square one beggers belief and seems to signify an appalling arrogance.

Headhunter said...

It is a shame that BoZo kyboshed that one. These things take soooo long to get approval, I doubt we'll actually see a crossing actually take shape for another decade or so. Meanwhile BoZo is busy funding yet another central London crossing point...

Tamsin said...

Any chance of him reversing the scrapping if enough of a furore is whipped up about it? The work has all been done and must be just on hold somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The traffic at the blackwall tunnel is only going to get worse over the next decade. It will inevitably be used to access the olympic stadium from the south in 2012 and the fact that it is already a disaster area will prove an embarrassment to London.

In any case we residents of south london are getting desperate-the constant queues to get into the tunnel, both rotherhithe and blackwall, (and woolwich ferry) are tedious and create so much pollution and noise to the local people.

Boris please go back and work with the old plans so we can get something sorted in our lifetime. The pollution and congestion is already here (green party!)! by building a new bridge it will just be distributed !

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