Brockley room rental prices

Brockley (circled in red) remains one of London's most affordable areas.

The Mayor of London's website now features a rent map of the capital, which tells you the average cost of renting on a postcode-by-postcode basis.

Brockley, like most of south east London, with the exception of Greenwich and Blackeath, is in the lowest price category, with the average cost of a one-bed flat ranging between £127-177 a week.

Interestingly, the median cost of a single room is £2 below the Lewisham average and £11 pounds below the London average. For larger properties, Brockley becomes more expensive than the Lewisham average (but still below the London average), with two-bed properties costing £6 a week more.


Anonymous said...

This is a bit strange - when I was renting a room in Brockley almost 8 years ago I was paying £480 a month - and when I let a large room in my house 2 years ago I was able to get £600 a month for it.

Brockley Nick said...

Was it a nice room in a nice house on a nice road?

All these figures are averages. SE4 covers a large area.

Tressillian James said...

Very nice room 20 ft by 16 ft on Tressillian road - I think my house is nice.

The Cat Man said...

Hmm, I think the rent i offer people is cheap...

Hugh said...

Crafty way to sneak house prices back into the discussion. Approved.

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