Southern reveals 2010 timetable

Southern Railways have confirmed their plans for the new timetable which will come in to effect in May 2010, which will see evening peak services from London to Norwood Junction become "fast" trains, no-longer stopping at Brockely and the other stations in-between. Morning peak services will increase, however.

Here are the pertinent parts of the document:
South London Metro services

The opening of the East London Line with extensions to Dalston, Crystal Palace and West Croydon together with Southern services will provide a significant overall increase in capacity between New Cross Gate and West Croydon. It also necessitates changes to Southern services operating across London. In some cases we are able to provide additional or faster services. There are also instances where services are to be removed or diverted.
AM peak

The morning peak service is revised to provide Southern trains at reasonably regular intervals and to allow East London Line services from West Croydon and Crystal Palace to run additionally. These include additional AM peak services to be introduced from London Bridge to London Victoria via Crystal Palace serving New Cross Gate, Brockley, Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill and Sydenham.
Departure times from Brockley for the central London stations will be as follows:

London Bridge 0647
London Bridge 0655
London Bridge 0702
London Bridge 0717
London Bridge 0725
London Bridge 0732
London Bridge 0747
London Bridge 0755
London Bridge 0803
London Bridge 0817
London Bridge 0826
London Bridge 0835
London Bridge 0847
London Bridge 0855
London Bridge 0902
London Bridge 0917
London Bridge 0925
London Bridge 0932
London Bridge 0950
London Bridge 1002

London Victoria 0627
London Victoria 0659
London Victoria 0729
London Victoria 0759
London Victoria 0829
London Victoria 0900
London Victoria 0930

Off peak
The service patterns below are revised to be compatible with the extended East London services. The planned changes in summary are:

• Off peak London Bridge - Sutton via Sydenham services to be withdrawn.
• Off peak half hourly London Victoria - West Croydon via Crystal Palace services to be extended to Sutton. This will maintain a direct Norwood Junction to Sutton service. It will have connections at Norwood Junction with six fast London Bridge services each hour provided by services to/from Tattenham Corner, Horsham and Reigate/Tonbridge.
• Off peak London Bridge - Tattenham Corner services to call additionally at Norwood Junction.

• Off peak London Bridge - Caterham services to call additionally at Penge West and Anerley.

PM Peak

The service pattern remains broadly similar to the December 2009 timetable though the London Bridge - Sutton, Epsom, Guildford or Dorking services will run non-stop between London Bridge and Norwood Junction, therefore not calling at New Cross Gate, Brockley, Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill and Sydenham.

Evening Off Peak

Some South London metro services in the evening off peak (after 1900) currently operate at different times than during the daytime off peak. The opportunity arises in May 2010 to revise certain departure times to better reflect the daytime off peak pattern as follows.

• London Bridge to London Victoria via Crystal Palace at xx22 and xx52
• London Victoria to Sutton via Norbury at xx00 and xx30
• London Victoria to Epsom or Epsom Downs via Crystal Palace at xx06 and xx36
• London Victoria to London Bridge via Crystal Palace at xx22 and xx52

Thanks to Cllr Dean Walton for the information.