I Spy: Guest quizmaster edition

Thanks to a BC regular* for this picture - can readers guess whereabouts in Brockley it is?

(* = We won't mention their name til someone's given the right answer, as it could give the game away, location-wise)


Tressilliana said...

St Mary Magdalene church in Howson Road? Used to pass this umpteen times a week when taking offspring to Chelwood Nursery School, so hope I've got this right!

Anonymous said...

Hope you weren't the one who supplied the picture Tressilliana. That wouldn't look good now, would it?


Anonymous said...

Actually not the one photographed - although there might be an identical panel I suppose.

Robert said...

Tanners Hill.

It's the stone medallion on the old Brunwswick manor house.

Tamsin said...

Yea! Have a sweetie. And fill us in on the back story as you know more about it than I do.

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