The Albany Midwifery Practice

Having vicariously experienced a number of them, we have never been convinced of "the magic of child birth". The end product is magical enough, but the process itself has more to do with offal, excrement and agony than it does fairy dust and whale music. Our advice is always take the drugs and make sure you're in a place with lots of doctors in case of complication.

However, we know that plenty of people would vehemently disagree with us and we've been contacted by a couple of people who've asked us to highlight a campaign to save the Albany Midwifery Practice in Peckham, which is threatened with closure.

As this article says, the likely closure is a result of London's King's College Hospital terminating its contract, alleging that a disproportionate number of the babies it delivered suffered damage during the birth, although supporters of the Albany dispute the claims and say it provides genuine choice for local mothers.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, how very sad for the families.

I am afraid that sometimes the statistics do not lie.

These would have started out as low risk pgcies too as otherwise the prospective mother would have been advised to go for a non hospital enviroment.

btw, Nick, I completely agree with you. Labour can change very fast and the baby can get into distress very quickly, far quicker than a taxi to the hospital.

Anonymous said...

first of all, the Albany is not about whale music and fairy dust.
ok. OR mung beans.

What it offers is CONTINUITY OF CARE and CHOICE.
If a woman chooses to birth in a hospital, they support her choice. If she chooses to birth at home, they support that also.

I just gave birth to my third child using the Albany.
I saw the same midwife the whole time and for 6 weeks after birth.
How many woman who do not go private can say the same thing?

My second child was born at home using Kings midwives. The care I recieved from them was appalling. I could rant about it forever but I'll spare you that.

The debate shouldn't be home VS. hospital, but whether women deserve support and consistancy during such an emotional and intense time of their lives.
I say they DO. Kings says they don't.

As far as statistics, why won't Kings release the report they used to damn the ALbany? And why don't they stack their own stats up against the Albany's?

Anonymous said...

Here is a press release from the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services

The Albany is revered around the world, not just by mothers, but midwives as well.

Anonymous said...

ohoh, missed out the word "never" in my post

should have read "otherwise the prospective mother would never have been advised"

has anyone followed this terrible story of the Kings midwife hanging herself through overwhelming guilt after a baby died on her watch? it is so desperately sad all round.

Anonymous said...

The 'confidential' CMACE report that is being drip fed to the press (via KCH press office) is obviously successful in it's attempt to destroy the reputation of these midwives and their world renowned model of socially inclusive, women centred care.

You might be interested to note that it cost in the region of 80k to produce - AND it says with regard to it's own content:
"the study methodology employed does not lend itself to meaningful statistical analysis"

so some statistics are not lies.... they are just not meaningful (!)

Anonymous said...

yes, I read that.

Kings has some serious management issues in it's maternity department.

Anonymous said...

I was saddened to read the stats and the anecdotes regarding Lewisham maternity services. I know from 3 women that they found the care level really disappointing and these women aren't fusspots. All they wanted was a caring attitude.

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