The Albany Midwifery Practice

Having vicariously experienced a number of them, we have never been convinced of "the magic of child birth". The end product is magical enough, but the process itself has more to do with offal, excrement and agony than it does fairy dust and whale music. Our advice is always take the drugs and make sure you're in a place with lots of doctors in case of complication.

However, we know that plenty of people would vehemently disagree with us and we've been contacted by a couple of people who've asked us to highlight a campaign to save the Albany Midwifery Practice in Peckham, which is threatened with closure.

As this article says, the likely closure is a result of London's King's College Hospital terminating its contract, alleging that a disproportionate number of the babies it delivered suffered damage during the birth, although supporters of the Albany dispute the claims and say it provides genuine choice for local mothers.