Ode to a badger

Howard, creator of Brockley's comic hero, Badger, has asked various people to contribute to an online advent calendar celebrating the life of this character. Our effort was a short poem.

We've always liked to imagine him has Brockley Central's muse, so we swapped him with Ted Hughes' Thought Fox and swapped the forest for Brockley.

The original poem is about the author's own writing process, but given that Brockley Central is a collaborative effort between the editors and the users, we've tried to inject a little more ambiguity in to the poem, about who is actually doing the writing. Is it Brockley Nick or anonymous? Maybe, in keeping, with BC tradition, we should have changed the "I" to "We". We couldn't decide.

You can read the result here, if you so wish.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a statue of Brockley the badger in Brockley somewhere...or is that mad?

Brockley Nick said...

I would like that. A lot.

tyrwhitt ali said...

I'd go with that. I love Badger!

drakefell debaser said...

Great suggestion.

Would also be great if we could plagiarise Madrid's bear and Madrono Tree statue replacing the bear with the badger and the madrono tree with some broccoli.

Anonymous said...

I prefer beaver but I'd be prepared to accept a badger.

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