Can you beat Brockley Central in the Visit London Christmas quiz?

Here are the questions from last night's Visit London Christmas Pub Quiz

Obviously, with Google, Twitter and Wikipedia, any old fool can crack the Da Vinci code in 20 minutes these days, but see how you do unaided and whether you'll be able to beat the score racked up by the combined might of the south east London bloggerati.

Answers tomorrow.

Quick Fire Warm Up Round

(Total points available for this round: 8)

1. What tube line is Grange Hill station on?

2. By 2011 there will be two Westfield Shopping centres in London – where are they?

3. Which famous architect designed the glass covering of The Great Court in the British Museum?

4. Which famous London department story has green and gold as its trademark colours?

5. Keira Knightly stars in what play which opened for previews this week?

6. Where is Big Ben’s little brother?

7. Inside which London Landmark can you find the Whispering Gallery?

8. What is the oldest surviving Indian restaurant in London?

Section One: London Olympics

(Total points available for this round: 8)

1. Which famous sports venue will host the archery competition in 2012?

2. Name the five 2012 Olympic host boroughs. (One point for all five, half a point for four)
3. Who is the president of the International Olympic Committee?

4. Who won Britain’s only athletics gold at the 2008 Olympics?

5. The new Olympic stadium will host the athletics in 2012. Which stadia held the athletics in 1908 and which in 1948? (half a point for each)

6. Who was chair of the London 2012 Olympic bid before Seb Coe?

7. London hosted the 1908 Olympics. But we only stepped in when, at the last minute, Italy had to pull out. Why did Italy withdraw?

a) The Olympic stadium was not completed in time.

b) A general strike was called to coincide with the games.

c) Mount Vesuvius erupted.

8. In which event did Seb Coe win Olympic gold?

a) 400 metres

b) 800 metres

c) 1500 metres

Section Two: Famous Londoners

(Total points available for this round: 8)

1. Which famous woman was born at 17 Bruton Street, W1?

a) The Queen

b) Florence Nightingale

c) Virginia Woolf

2. Michael Caine is one of the capital’s favourite sons. One of his most famous roles was in 1969’s The Italian Job. But what was the name of the character he played?

3. What was the title of Lily Allen’s first album?

4. Although born in Essex, Russell Brand is a bit of an honourary Londoner. But what is the title of his autobiography?

5. Which famous 18th century London writer had a cat called "Hodge"?

6. One of the capital’s most infamous figures is Jack the Ripper. In which decade did he carry out his murders?

a) 1870s

b) 1880s

c) 1890s

7. Jude Law, born in Lewisham, is another world-famous Londoner. But how many biological children does he have?

8. In cabbie lingo, what is a "Churchill"?

a) A meal

b) A traffic jam

c) A trip to the loo

Section Three: Picture London

(Total points available for this round: 8)

All the questions in this round are based on the numbered pictures above. Click to enlarge.

1. On which west London building which is now a purveyor of organic food can you find this clock?

2. This south London memorial commemorates which event of 1988?

3. This trio of lovelies, England, Ireland and Scotland, now stand at near Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, at the western end of Oxford Street. What was their original location?

4. By what name is this Islington establishment better known these days?

5. Which premier league football team plays at this London ground?

6. What building along the Thames is topped by this weather vane?

a) County Hall

b) Somerset House

c) Glaziers Hall

7. These are attached to the Bank of England but what are they?

a) Parish boundary markers

b) Flood Level markers

c) Milestone markers

8. Which major South London tourist attraction is pictured here?

Section Four: Undercover London

(Total points available for this round: 8)

1. According to myth, under which historic London building was the head of the giant ‘Bran’ buried as a guardian against invasion of these islands?

2. What was the name of the road on which the Great Fire of London started?

3. Where in London were the conspirators of 'The Babbington Plot' hung, drawn and quartered?

a) Lincoln’s Inn Field

b) Trafalgar Square

c) Parliament Hill

4. What was the proposed location of the first serious attempt to build a channel tunnel back in 1899? (Clue: It’s one of the main stops on the Bakerloo line)

5. Which building, one of the tallest in London, was used to broadcast new microwave messages to other NATO intelligence agencies, whilst undercover of a normal business?

6. What Government building are Cardinal Wolsey's wine cellars now under?

7. Which London Underground Station, which opened in 1999, has the shortest escalator across the tube network, with a vertical rise of 4.1 metres?

8. Out of the 287 underground stations, which one doesn't have any letters from the
word 'mackerel' in it?

Section Five: Future London

(Total points available for this round: 8)

1. The East London Line will re-open in 2010. Name three of the new stops that it will feature. (1 point for three, ½ point for two)

2. What is the full name of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who is in office until 2012?

3. Construction is underway on “the Shard”, which will be London’s tallest building when it opens in 2012. But what is London’s current tallest building?

4. The mayor of Newham recently launched a campaign to offer traditional cockney food like pie and mash with liquor to athletes at the 2012 Olympics. But liquor is made with which herb?

5. The Jewish Museum will reopen in London in 2010. Where?

6. In what year is the UEFA Champions League due to be staged at Wembley?

d) 2010

e) 2011

f) 2012

7. From 2012, the London Array will provide enough energy for ¼ of London homes. What is it?

8. Next February, how many years will Eastenders have been running for?