Johnson discovers how deep the rabbit hole goes

Is Darren Johnson the new Van Jones? Is News Shopper the new Fox News?
First, Fox managed to oust Jones, Obama's "Green Jobs Czar", by constructing an elaborate series of "scandals" about him. Now Brockley's Green representative on the London Assembly is facing calls to go from the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association for Tweeting a confession that he took an unlicensed taxi home one evening. All this, on the eve of the Copenhagen climate change summit. Coincidence!?!

The News Shopper carries a rather OTT apology from from Johnson, which is still not enough to placate the taxi lobby:

Writing on his Twitter page after the party, Mr Johnson wrote: “Ten pound tip for first cabbie to find me” and “Illegal minicab will do if you get me home”.

He later wrote: “Well im in some dodgy minicab paying an exhorbitant rip-off rate but at least getting home”.

Spokesman for the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, Steve Mcnamara, said: “The man’s arrogance is astounding. He has encouraged a criminal act, he has been a party to a criminal act and then he brags about it on Twitter.”

Mr Mcnamara added: “He has embarrassed himself, the Mayor, the GLA and London, he needs to go.”