The Train Gang

The campaign against cuts to Brockley's train service continues apace, with both the Brockley Cross Action Group and the Brockley Society throwing their weight behind it in recent weeks. The online petition has now topped 2,800 signatures, plus a further 400 on the paper copy (which will be available at the Brockley Christmas Market tomorrow, for those of you planning to attend).

Campaigners will be stepping up their work this weekend, with a theatrical protest planned to take place at Charing Cross Station at 2pm tomorrow.

The campaign has also undertaken some research which effectively counters the train companies' claim that the opening of the East London Line will mitigate the impact of the cuts in their services ...

'At the moment there are 6 trains an hour from London Bridge in the afternoon peak. Between 1730 and 1830, these consist of 46 coaches, with 3482 seats and carry 4203 passengers (121%). 910 of these passengers use stations beyond West Croydon and so are not expected to use the stopping service in May, meaning that 3293 commute to our stations.
'The average loading is 91.4 passengers per coach.

'The new stopping service proposed from May 2010 will consist of four trains an hour made up of 32 coaches in total. The campaign's figures (and TfL's models) show that roughly 30% of the current passengers will transfer onto the East London Line services, however they also expect the number of passengers using the line to increase by 30% due to the suppressed demand.
'We will therefore end up with roughly the same number of commuters using the London Bridge service as at present.

'The average number of commuters per coach, if the proposed changes are implemented, will be 102.9 passengers per coach; an increase of 1/8th on an already excessively congested service.

'A train is defined as being overcrowded if 40% of the passengers are standing. A typical coach has 84 seats in 18 rows, so would only be classified as overcrowded when 34 passengers were standing. If you get ten passengers into each vestibule, you would require 14 people standing between the seats.'


Cllr Dean Walton said...

kate - thanks for this. I travelled on the last early morning train from Brockley this morning (I used this train quite regularly). The readers of Brockley Central will want to know that myself, the Mayor and some other Councillors will be meeting with Southern Railways next week. (17 December I think) and I'll be making these points.


Cllr Dean Walton said...
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Lou Baker said...


The Labour run DFT is behind the cuts, not Southern.

Perhaps Lewisham's Labour run council and Labour MPs should speak to Labour's ministers. They're the ones who can change things.

However, if you do speak to Southern anyway please try to use words like pathetic, embarrassing and inadequate to describe all aspects of their service.

I guess convention dictates that you shouldn't slap them but if you decide to break that, give them one from me.

Andy Endwell said...

I have been musing on our plight whilst standing on the station listening to Southern’s witless announcements blaming things on Southeastern their sister company. It occurred to me that, come May next year, I would catch the first available train and change at New X Gate as with its five platforms there are more trains that stop at NXG, than Brockley. If Southern were persuaded to make the trains that will no longer stop at Brockley, as they are on the fast line, stop at NXG would that not make things a little better? Or am I talking out of my nether regions?

Anonymous said...

How is the East London Line going to alleviate demand on the Southern routes, when it shares the same tracks as the Southern cattle trucks which are always late, driverless or broken down ?

Lou Baker said...


They're not stopping any extra trains at New Cross Gate. Everything that stops at NXG will also stop at Brockley.

Oh, and if you ever want to go to Gatwick Airport you can kiss goodbye to an easy connection at East Croydon. Instead you'll have to change at London Bridge - which is not only harder to negotiation and busier but also more expensive.

Honestly the whole thing had been organised by a collection of prize-winning dimwits.

Tamsin said...

Not quite - there is still the East Croydon connection, except in the evening rush-hour when you would have to change, I believe, at Norwoood Juncion as well. Just less frequent - but still there.

The bummer in all this is the loss of the off peak Charing Cross service. The old, the infirm, those with children do not want to have to change at Canada Water (to the ELL) or London Bridge when coming from Central London in the evenings or at weekends.

Tamsin said...

If you've signed the Petition (and gave a legible e-mail address) you will have received this - (if not why not - make sure you do so at the Brockley Christmas Fair tomorrow!)

Dear Petitioner, Tomorrow, Saturday 12th December 2009, we bid a sad farewell to thethrough trains to Charing Cross. We will mark the occassion by having a funeral (complete with coffin)outside Charing Cross at 2pm. A funeral procession, complete with coffin, will assemble on Platform1, at 1 pm, at Forest Hill Station and will take the following train(back coach) to Charing Cross to mark our tragic loss. 13:09 - Sydenham 13:12 - Forest Hill 13:14 - Honor Oak Park 13:17 - Brockley 13:19 - New Cross Gate 13:26 - London Bridge Ironically we will have to change trains at London Bridge due toEngineering works. 13:38 - London Bridge 13:47 - Charing Cross Everyone affected by the unfortunate occurrence will be welcome cometo the funeral, suitably dressed of course. Funeral directors: Brockley Cross Action Group, Brockley, TelegraphHill, Sydenham, and Forest Hill Societies Richard Hibbert Chairman, Forest Hill Society

Anonymous said...

This is scandalous, Southern are such w******.

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