Brockley Bites: A Christmas Carol

The Ghost of Christmas Past

The Brockley Jack Theatre is staging a production of the classic tale A Christmas Carol, "presented by the same company behind the sell-out productions of Jane Eyre, Great Expectations and Hound of the Baskervilles." The show runs until January 3rd, tickets are £12, £9 concessions or £36 for a family ticket £36. Click here for details.

The Ghost of Christmas Presents

The Brockley Cross Action Group are celebrating the fact that this year's Christmas market will be the biggest ever. They've been deluged with requests from stall holders and have added five more stalls to tomorrow's event. They'll be handing out flyers at Brockley station this evening.

The Ghost of Christmas Future?

You may recall that earlier this year we reported that a new deli was being planned for Ladywell, called El's Kitchen. Unfortunately, Eleanor has not yet been able to find the right premises in order to open a store, but she will be bringing El's Kitchen to Ladywell Christmas Market this weekend, with a stall that will be selling the kind of stuff she hopes one day will fill the shelves in her shop - from cheese to charcuterie, panettone to preserves and cakes to chocolate.


Michael said...

Eleanor, please move into the unit that is now available at the bottom of Endwell Rd, right near Brockley Station. It would be perfect!

M said...

No no no. You already have 2 delis up that way. El's Kitchen should definitely set up shop in Ladywell.

Talking of which, apparently there's a new boutique/gift shop opening in Ladywell tomorrow.

There are still several empty shops though.

Anonymous said...

What are the local churches going to be doing to celebrate the nativity? This is an important part of Brockley life and I suddenly realised reading that 'Oh Jesus' thread, that Christians are being sidelines and we are important part of this community along with everybody else and our needs should be catered for on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you ask your local church?

Jan said...

Went to see the Show at the Brockley Jack Theatre it really is great and such a fun cast. They really have made my week feel Christmassy! well done The Brockley Jack Theatre

Tamsin said...

In St. Alfege's Greenwich there is a Messiah by Candlelight on Sunday evening (they were getting the candelabra ready this afternoon while I was there selling Christmas cards - quite a palaver) and,to get it all done with one lot of candles, Christmas Carols by Candleight on Saturday (12th) with a scandinavian slant. The Messiah is quite pricey but should be a very good performance.

I will post the St. Catherine's services later - when I can get to a computer where I can cut and paste the details from.

Otherwise, most Churches have websites - find out and give us the details here.

Tamsin said...

Details of the services at St. Catherine.s cut and pasted from the Hilly Telegraph which some of you on the West Side should have already received.

Christmas at St Catherine’s
Churches Together Carol Service: Sunday 20 December at 4pm, this year being held here in St Catherine’s Church. We hope to welcome the Bishop of Woolwich as speaker.

Crib building: 4 pm on Christmas Eve. Everyone invited to this very popular service for children, parents, grandparents and carers.

Midnight Mass: 24 December at 11:30pm. A peaceful and calm start to this day of celebration.

25 December Christmas Day at 8am Holy Communion and at 10am Sung Eucharist.
All are welcome to any of these services.

New Year’s Service: 31 December at 11pm. Very popular for those who would like to start their new year in a special way.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year

Anonymous said...

You cant drink in there if you have your work clothes on,So much for good will to all men.

Tamsin said...

Give them the benefit of the doubt - perhaps it was that inexperienced bar staff were too strictly interpreting dress-code requirements they had just been told about.

Did you or they at the time or later seek an explanation from the management?

Anonymous said...

No I dont think so,but she was told she could get served but not her husband.
Maybe didnt want new carpets dirty.Probably think they are a proper theatre.

Jan said...

I think you will find that the theatre is totally seperate to the pub where you can wear what you like and buy drinks from the pub and take them in. I heard the manager of the pub went a bit barmy last week has he lost the plot recently!

Josh said...

Legend of Sleepy Hollow is on at the Jack Studio Theatre I just tried to book for next week its got three nights sold out already!!just got tickets for fri night

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