Short Cuts

Here's a nice vignette that's nonetheless sure to enrage one or two.

While talking to Emily, the co-founder of The Orchard, last night, she mentioned that shortly after we ran this piece someone popped their head around the door, one day as they were renovating the bar.

They explained that they were moving to Brockley from East Dulwich and until a couple of days before had been tossing and turning over whether to take the plunge, worried that there wasn't a lot to do in the area. Then they read the article and that clinched it for them.

If you build it, the removal van will come.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why this might enrage anyone.

Brockley Nick said...

Nor do I anon. But it will. Rest assured. ;)

Anonymous said...

East Dulwich is so last year, Brockley's where the smart money is kids.

M said...

Typical. These people - coming over here, expecting places to eat and drink and spend money in a pleasant environment. They aren't like me and my kind.
Burn the witches! Burn them!!

I fear change.

obie said...

It doesn't really matter what brings people to the area. I just they get involved in community events, like Brockley Assembly, Brockley Society, attend the fayres, Christmas markets and enjoy all that the area has to offer.

keepitreal said...

Bloody East Dulwich types coming round here expecting posh bread and nice cheese pushing their 3 wheeled pushchairs in my way... Stay away! Don't expect me to be nice to you after I've had one of my gin breakfasts...

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