Brockley Leaseholders Association AGM

Steven writes:

The Brockley Leaseholders Association was set up a few years ago after Lewisham Council signed a PFI contract with a consortium Regenter B3 in 2007 to look after its properties in Brockley. We're holding our AGM tomorrow (1 December) at 19.30 at the St Andrews Centre (bottom of Wickham Road).

We have had a very busy year this year, a group of us taking forward action at a Leasehold Tribunal which ruled very much in our favour that the major works carried out in 2007-08 were unnecessary, poor and costly. The Tribunal also agreed with us that the 38.6% management fees the PFI slaps on to all work was excessive - but unfortunately Lewisham is appealing against the latter as it is bound by the PFI contract to protect the consortium's profits.

Lewisham has failed to rectify the poor quality works even given the Tribunal's decisions and does not want to engage with us and says repeatedly that it is the PFI consortium's problem: we disagree as Lewisham is our freeholder (and landlord for the tenants) and is ultimately responsible for making sure its contractors deliver work to spec. Unfortunately Lewisham signed everything off without surveys and did not even turn up to the five day Tribunal hearing earlier this year!

At the AGM we'll be holding the usual committee elections and we are open to new members who are concerned about what might happen over the coming years. We'll also be discussing annual service charges which seem to vary in scope from year to year too!


Bill Ellson said...

Do you know what name the tribunal case was done in? There are about 30 Lewisham Homes decisions.

Anonymous said...

I would like to join this association, however I work in the evening and unable to attend.

Can you provide a number or contact details so I can participate in future meetings.

Steven Mills said...


The Leaseholders' Association has a blog at:

and can be contacted at

The Tribunal case can be found at though this does not include the decision on management and professionl fees (because Lewisham is appealing the decision).


Robert said...

Congratulations on the tribunal decision. That's great work.

Lewisham's offloading of their responsibilities to Regenter B3 has not been in Brockley's best interests.

In years to come, people will marvel at why anyone thought that a PFI solution to publicly funded services was a good idea. Unfortunately, we will still be paying for it.

I have heard the Mayor say himself that the reason the Council took this move in the first place was that he didn't think that Lewisham was offering a good level of service to communities.

My opinion - spend less time playing politics, and more time finding ways of delivering services successfully with the resources you have, and take responsibility for these services.

This is the least we should expect from our local authority.

Anonymous said...

Bill - this isnt Lewisham Homes but Brockley PFI - different providers.

If you look for a case with Lewisham Council as the repsondants you will find it.

Anonymous said...

Shocking to read this and see that the PFI were stripping away assets from the conservation area and selling them elsewhere (original slate roofs) even when the roofs did not need replacing. It makes you wonder if the council has any control over its representatives.

Anonymous said...

And congratulations are even more in order when the fact that the Association did all it's own legal work is taken into consideration but the Council has spent £100,000s on top barristers and solicitors.

Anonymous said...

The PFI is really crap at managing its stock, it's impossible to get hold of its local housing officers, especially to report problems caused by their tenants to the rest of the neighbourhood. No responsibility whatsoever.

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