Sewer rat terrorises Lewisham

The Council has issued this scam warning:

Lewisham Council is warning residents to be wary of a new scam where a fake ‘new’ resident claims essential drainage work needs to be carried out at an adjoining property.

Typically the fraudsters visit the legitimate resident posing as new neighbours claiming that there is a problem with their own drains, caused in part by the residents’ drain. The resident is then asked for their telephone number so that a drainage company can call them to sort out the problem.

After doing so, the resident then receives a call from a bogus company asking for money to help pay for the hire of equipment – sometimes with an assurance that this money will be refunded after the job has been completed.

The resident is then asked to make payment either by bank transfer or to pay a courier who is sent round to collect the money.

Trading Standards are advising residents that if they receive such a visit or telephone call they should not pay any money or agree to any work and should report any suspicious activity to the Police on the non-emergency number, 101.

Residents can get more advice about how to choose a reputable trader by visiting or by calling the national Consumer Direct helpline on 08454 04 05 06.