Declutter to shift

Life is struggle against clutter. To a list of irritants like illegally parked vans and illegally dumped refuse, we can add illegal estate agent signs.

Claire wants to know if her experience is unique (we have deleted the name of the company):

"I live in the conservation area and am having trouble getting [redacted] to take their ‘Let by’ sign down from outside my property. The flat in question has been let for over a month and [redacted] were incredibly rude and aggressive when I called to ask for its removal. First they lied and told me the freeholder had authorised it (he confirmed he had not, and had in fact removed it himself, only for [redacted] to come back round and put it up). They then threatened “there will be trouble” if I remove it myself.

"I'm interested to see if this is an issue that affects or bothers other flat owners in the area, as I have now taken it to the council."