Shaun's, Lewisham Way

Mintness writes:

I noticed that Shaun's (formerly LV Food and Wine), the unit on Lewisham Way near the Tesco Express, opened its doors this weekend. Popped in for the first time just now, and it's a bright, nicely laid-out shop.  

With thanks to Pam for the photo

Depending on which side of the Great Mung Debate they favour, BCers will be delighted/appalled to learn that they seem to have a pretty good range of organic fruit and vegetables on offer, as well as other organic products from biscuits to Belgian beer. Some Indian goodies too, plus plenty of the usual honest corner shop fare. 

I didn't investigate in any great detail, but north-enders lamenting the loss of the Shop on the Hill would be advised to take a look - easy enough to pop in this Saturday on their way to/from the Market!