Stop Coral letting homes going to waste - November 29th

The man who started the Brockley revolution by exposing its existence to Channel 4 viewers returns in the flesh to save Ladywell. Lara explains:

Fed up of empty homes in Ladywell going to waste? Fancy being on Channel 4? Come and be part of a protest this Tuesday! 

At short notice, LVIG has arranged a protest against the total lack of movement from Corals and E Coombes Ltd (who own the Corals building) to renovate and put in to use the two flats above their shop on Algernon Road. 

We are hosting a tea party outside Corals for a Channel 4 documentary crew and presenter Phil Spencer (of Location, Location, Location fame), who will meet a family currently living in cramped conditions. 

Local businesses are helping provide tea and furniture, and we need a good crowd of people to be part of the tea party and discussions with Phil. 

It will be an engaging, interactive discussion and we want as many local people there as possible to show Corals that they cannot let these properties go to waste any longer. 

Please donate an hour of your time at 10.30am on Tuesday 29 November, outside Corals on the corner of Ladywell and Algernon Roads. 

Everyone is welcome, and you will be filmed; it's an excellent opportunity for us to see Ladywell on Channel 4, so we hope to see as many people as possible. For more info email


Anonymous said...

Good luck. Or at least get them to paint the bleedin' front.

Matt-Z said...

Good work, hope it gets a result. Are E Coombes still in existence? I thought the entire chain had recently been bought out by Jennings.

Anonymous said...

Not a very exciting title Nick, especially as PHIL SPENCER is coming to town

patrick1971 said...

Great idea. Of course they won't want to do anything as it's now in a conservation area which means they'll have to replace the windows with proper wooden sash replacements rather than cheap, ugly, nasty uPVC, and presumably there will be similar restrictions to the building itself. It'd be great to see those flats back in use.

kolp said...

Have official channels been used to approach the company first? Otherwise this does bordering on gang stalking.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the council introduce an 'enforcement order' whereby they take over the property (and other empty properties) and refurbish at their own cost. Once finished, put a tenant in the property and pocket the rent until the refurb costs are met then let the landlord take over.? Housing list reduces, painter/decorator gets job and landlord eventually gains an income. Not rocket science.

Fattyfattybumbum said...

Hopefully they don't make it look like a complete kip.

Fattyfattybumbum said...

Above Rumbles looks incredibly neglected as well btw, wonder if anyone actually lives there, if so, poor them.

Geoffrey said...

Apparently Ladywell Village Improvement Group has received an "unsympathetic" response from the owners. The Council has limited powers (and little cash) to take over a building which is already a thriving business. I gather the building needs to be a health hazard (eg pigeon infestation like the former Nightwatch building), or about to fall down.
There are other unsympathetic landlords in Ladywell as well.

Lara from LVIG said...

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came down this morning to support the protest. Despite the cold, we had a great turn out and Phil was very impressed with our local community (including big plugs by me for BC!).

To answer the question posted, yes LVIG has been trying to engage with Corals and E Coomes since 2008. We've had a minimal response so felt it was time to make a public stand; they were invited to the protest but did not come, and the C4 production crew have been in touch to offer a right to reply.

We researched and taped out the average bedsit size - 12m x 12m - to represent the space lived in by many people, including couples and families. Our point was to do it outside Corals where there are 2 x 2 bedroom flats going to waste; we filled our 'bedsit' with furniture from our own homes as well as local businesses who were absolutely fantastic in supporting us.

We will of course keep the pressure up on both the owners and the Council to ensure everything is done to bring empty properties back in to use. A 'pidgeon order' was placed on the Corals building last week, which was the start of the successful process on the now fantastic Slater & King building, so we hope that the same can happen here.

The programme will go out at 9pm on December 7th, on Channel 4.

Thanks again

Marc said...

Just saw Ladywell on channel 4, good work! Hopefully this will get Coral to listen to the community and contribute.

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