Cut it out

The Green Party press office confirms that Upper Brockley Road / Lewisham Way off-licence Supercuts has lost its appeal to stay open, after it was found to have encouraged years of anti-social behaviour in the area, culminating in a shooting incident during a street party:

Brockley Ward councillor for the Green Party, Darren Johnson, who gave evidence at the appeal today on behalf of local residents, welcomed Bromley Magistrates' decision to reject the appeal by Super Cuts off-licence in Upper Brockley Road. He commented:

"The Supercuts off-licence has been a nightmare for local residents the whole nine years I have been a councillor. Large noisy groups congregate outside and the proprietor seems to run the place more like a pub than an off-licence. The so-called Royal Wedding street party outside that ended in gunshots was the final straw for local people and I am pleased that Supercuts have finally lost their licence."

Businesses that trade legally and responsibly in the area deserve our support as a community. Ones that don't have a deleterious effect on quality of life for people of all backgrounds and damage trade for other businesses, discouraging more legitimate businesses from opening in the area. This was the right decision.