Local community garden grants

Lewisham Council is currently taking applications for community garden grants. If you run or are planning a project in the borough, you can apply for up to £750 to help with costs.

The deadline for applications is 30th April 2012 and there will be two funding rounds. Round 1 will opened on 7th November 2011 and will close on 13th January 2012. Round 2 will open 1st March 2012 and close on 30th April 2012.

Eligible projects must:

1. Encourage community cohesion (for example, creating a derelict area into a garden that gets the whole community working together in harmony) and at least one of the following objectives.

2. Help develop projects to initiate and run new food growing spaces within LBL

3. Or support existing projects that encourage people to grow their own food for community benefit within LBL.

Please contact 0208 314 2068 to request an application or email communitygardens@lewisham.gov.uk.

Thanks to Cllr Foxcroft for the information.


Matt-Z said...

What about the stretch of Network Rail land along the London-bound platform at Crofton Park? It's a long, if narrow space that is crying out to be prettified, especially since it was fenced off from the platform.

Not sure I've got the time or energy to mount a campaign, but if enough people were interested and/or had a community group involved too it would be a great asset for the area.

Tamsin said...

Get in touch with Sarah Eaglestone, the Crofton Park Ward Assembly co-ordinator - it is being looked at, but will be a tricky proposition with ownership and safe access issues.

Anonymous said...

When are we getting the new trees on brockley road (opposite the brockley barge) that were promised?

Anonymous said...

Matt-Z, I agree and I have mentioedn this area here before. I know a group of local people are looking in to it and I understand that Network Rail have been contacted.

Anonymous said...

@Matt-Z yep, that came up at the last Lewisham Green Drinks and there was someone there who seemed to think it was in the offing.

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