Inside the actor's studio flat

Jimmy Katz: Acting is reacting. 
- Mulholland Drive

Gavin writes:

I'm looking to get together a group of actors in our local area who meet up regularly to read plays or scripts, where we can develop our skill and knowledge as we do so and also to become a resource for local writers and directors who would like to hear their work read aloud. This can be done over a glass of wine at the Brockley Jack or a cup of tea and maybe dinner at mine on occasions.

Meeting to read plays would provide an excellent networking opportunity and would be a great way to broaden our knowledge of plays whilst bringing them to life and using important techniques we use in auditions all the time. Anyone would be welcome to select a play and hopefully we can put ourselves ahead of the game when it comes to auditions just by keeping our skills fresh.

We could also benefit local writers and directors who would like to hear work read out. In fact a couple of directors have already shown an interest in the idea and are enthusiastic to have such a resource on their door step. If you are interested it would be great to hear from you, so please drop me an email at

I work as an actor and you can see my online details on spotlight or at Don't forget to mention if you're vegetarian or not ahead of our first meeting!