The BC bag competition - answers so far are a load of sloblock [UPDATED]

The answer to our competition question is more obvious than some of you imagine 

In spite of your best efforts, we still haven't found a winner for the I Broccoli Brockley bag competition. The winner is the person who guesses what item we have in our hypothetical bag. The long list of entries contained a lot of 'broccolis' (too obvious), random items (like mugs), or hyper-specific suggestions (like 2kg desiree potatoes). So here's a clue: the item in question has its roots in the history of Brockley.

And here is a list of what is not in our bag, based on previous suggestions:

Loaf of bread, Broccoli Baguette, Broccoli Brownies, Muffins, Cake, Coffee from Browns, Broccoli, Large Lamb Donner from Gulen's, Broccoli Soup, a cat (?), Ipad, Leeks, cauliflower, pumpkin, peppers, spinach, carrots, Syringes, 2kgs of red desiree potatoes (admirably specific), an unusual and on the face of it naff gift from Sounds Around but which you know will be just what the recipient would love to get (likewise), Dodgeball, a mug, cheese, a book.

If you think you now know what's in the bag. email email Simon with your answer at this address. First correct guess gets the bag and the respect of Brockley Central.

UPDATE: We now have a winner. Tabitha was the first to correctly guess that the hypothetical item in the hypothetical bag was a stick of rhubarb. Brockley achieved fame by pioneering the growth of "enormous" rhubarb (fed with human excrement) for use as a foodstuff. Please stop emailing Simon with your answers, he is being overwhelmed!