What you gonna do with all that junk?

The junk shop that has occupied the shop on the corner of Brockley and Cranfield Road has been served with an eviction notice.

The junk shop shows off its wares

We were never entirely sure whether it was meant to be a permanent addition to the neighbourhood or an enterprising bit of opportunism while the building behind was being redeveloped. The lack of a sign or a name suggested it was intended to be semi-permanent at best.

Junk shops sell useful stuff that people need. They can be a great addition to any parade. But this one didn't exercise much quality control of its stock, used the pavement as its sales room and the shop itself to stuff bric-a-brac in as tightly as possible. The big new windows that the Council insisted the developer install as a condition of planning permission for redevelopment seemed somewhat wasted on stacks of indiscernible junk piled to the ceiling. As a prime site on a parade that desperately needs rejuvenation, this shop didn't really maximise its cardinal utility.

So the question is: What next? What would be the best use of this space?

Thanks to Breakspears Eagle on the Brockley forum for the heads-up.