Ice skating on Hilly Fields - It's on, like Michelle Kwan

We've had a few inquiries from readers who can't quite believe that there will be ice skating in Hilly Fields this weekend. Here's the press release from BrocSoc, confirming it and providing more details about the Brockley Design Festival:

Enjoy skating on a synthetic ice rink at Hilly Fields, alongside craft stalls, refreshments, creative activities and consultation [sic].

Saturday 19th November, 12 noon-­7pm Sunday 20th November, 12 noon-­4pm Tennis Courts, Hilly Fields Park, Brockley, SE4 1LE

Cost: £2 for skate hire and 20 minutes skating. Under 7s must be accompanied on the ice.

This is the launch event for the Brockley Design Festival, a six-month programme of fun ‘pop-up’ events, put together by a collection of local designers, artists and community groups, including Brockley Society and Brockley Cross Action Group.

As well as a café, creative consultation activities will take place alongside the rink, to provoke debate and encourage ideas about how a little re-imagining could improve parts of our area.

What is the Brockley Design Festival?

Stage 1:  A series of fun and creative events based around Brockley and surrounds. At each event there will be an opportunity to put your views across on issues relating to our area and built environment through discussion and consultation.

Stage 2:  Local artists, designers and architects will work collaboratively to come up with proposals that address some of the local issues raised. Work to include joint projects with community groups.

Stage 3:  A free public exhibition of the design proposals at a local venue to engage interest and gather feedback.

Stage 4:  We will work to attract public or private funding to help bring some of the ideas that you come up with to life.

If you would like to get involved with the Brockley Design Festival, or have a great idea for a future event please contact us: Follow us at twitter/@brockleydesign Like us at facebook/brockleydesignfestival


Robert said...

Thanks for the plug!!!

We hope that lots of people will turn up at the weekend!
The ice rink can accommodate 20 people at a time. In case enthusiasm for skating results in queues, we will be operating a ticket system - so you can buy a ticket and come back, rather than having to wait in line.

Also - small correction to our contact details for twitter:
It is @brockleydesign, without "festival" (being twitter novices we hadn't realised there was a character limit for account names!)

Bill said...

Don't get too excited, from experience those synthetic rinks aren't that much fun.... just saying.

DJ said...

That's the spirit!

kolp said...

Doh! I had thought this would be happening around Christmas, early December, anyway all good.

Robert said...

Bill - we looked into the option of flooding and freezing the cricket pitch, but it just wasn't viable!

Though having said that, with the weather as it is at the moment, perhaps all that was needed is to run a hose pipe from one if the houses on Hilly Fields Crescent and leave it running over.

We have heard good feedback on the synthetic surfaces - some people say that it is easier to skate on than normal ice - but I guess the proof is in the pudding!

Deptford Pudding said...

The proof is always in the Pudding

D said...

I can't skate on synthetic ice at all - it's nothing at all like the real thing and I end up looking like Bambi-on-ice, but that's not to say it's not fun! It'll still be a very welcome addition.

NAT said...

I Like that polymerised water that the sea dwelling 'non terrestial intelligences' in 'The Abyss' are composed of.

If it were frozen would it resemble the 'synthetic' ice that we're about to become acquainted with in the tennis courts?
Or is that something quite different.

kolp said...

That twitter link, for the design festival won't work with that forward slash before the "@" .

Anonymous said...

Just 2 days???!!!

It should be there till Crimbo at least!

Anonymous said...

Will any of the tennis courts still be open? I quite fancy a game this weekend (as well as a skate!)

Moira said...

Wild Brockley will be there on Saturday selling our locally foraged jams, chutneys and jellies, and Elisabetta (organiser of B Max's Art In The Park) will be running an art workshop.

Marc said...

Had a very good coffee at Pistachio's, the biscuit is recommendable too.

Nice atmosphere, not convinced about the ice skating ring & the snow machine but full marks for effort. Strangely, you had to step past the tennis players to get into the basketball court and avoid the tennis balls.

Few more stalls, a fire pit cooking sausages & Glühwein and Brockley will have its own Christmas Market.

360 view

Doris said...

Great community atmosphere. Kids loved it so much - we ended up going again later in the day. Thanks to all those who put all the time and effort in to make it happen. No mean feat - much appreciated.

Lady in the Well said...

It should definitely have been promoted specifically as a children's event as it really was too small for adults to skate.

The kids loved it though, my daughter who is almost 3 wore the smallest pair of skates they had and had a fantastic time.

The coffee was good and the pottery painting stall was a great distraction while waiting for our skating time slot.

Thanks to everyone who organised it. A few more stalls and maybe some hot food next time?

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