Brockley's Economic Plan B

Hermes: We can't compete with Mom! Her company is big and evil! Ours is small and neutral! 
That Guy: Switzerland is small and neutral! We are more like Germany, ambitious and misunderstood! 
- Futurama

The future of UK manufacturing is in high-technology, high-skill, high value-added niche products.

Local bubble-master Lionel Stanhope has taken advantage of the weak pound and launched his own events company - Brockley Bubbles - supplying bubbles of a size and beauty that would make Germany's Mittelstand weep.


Hugh said...

We've all just lived through a huge bubble and it burst. Can he replace it?

dissapointed broken link discoverer said...

second linky no worky? (but it might just be my tempramental computer

Anonymous said...

My linky-winky was a wonky donkey too.

Brockley Nick said...

Sorry, link fixed.

Dan said...

'Catching' bubbles is such an anti-climax.

They look good though and I have seen him on the fields in the past

I agree it's niche but I wonder if Lionel sees a big market in kids parties and corporate events?

Also, what else is he developing?

Lady said...

Good luck to him! I totally wanted him to come and do his thing when we had a birthday picnic in Hilly Fields, but it didn't work out. Hoping this means he'll be up for it next year!

patrick1971 said...

Good luck to him, although if I were forced to attend a corporate event where we had to chase bubbles around a field, I think I'd shoot myself. That said, it's probably less ridiculous than some of the things I've had to do at corporate events in my time.

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