BT's Olympic hubris

BT is currently running ads showing off about the tremendous speed of the Infinity broadband network it's putting in place in time for the 2012 Olympics, of which it is a partner. So it won't shock you to learn that roll-out to the Deptford exchange (which serves most of Brockley) has slowed to a crawl. Having brought it forward to December 2011, they've now put it back again to December 2012 (on the previous thread Matt Z warned us this was likely to happen).


barryls said...

Don't have anything to do with BT if you want any easy life.

wally ollins said...

It's advertising, it's not reality

stuttery iplayer said...

Balls. a friend of mine has it in Brighton and says it's pretty amazing how fast it is.

technophobe said...

Will other broadband providers that currently use the BT exchanges benefit from this when it finally rolls out?

Dan said...

We can't get a line of sight for a Sky Dish and Virgin doesn't serve my postcode (Brockley Road).

I believe that Virgin have ceased Coax installations in anticipation for uber speed broadband.

Now it's delayed.


AND I can't even get a connection to the BT Openzone service.

Anonymous said...

West-side of Brockley station, served by the New Cross exchange is meant to have had it from what I read in the past (though always take what BT say with a pinch of salt) and our connection hasn't changed whatsoever.

Is a decent speed 6mb and nice and reliable but just be nice to know if it will get faster or if BT will continue scamming everyone with this infinity nonsense. Great if you live by the exchange they're upgrading but useless if they're not going to change anything else that connects you to the exchange. Wish there wasn't such a focus on BT in this country, they're hopeless and putting us behind other countries.

THNick said...

As per the west-sider up there, we're on west of Telegraph hill and the New Cross exchange is ready.... but apparently we aren't, BT doesn't say why and doesn't give an idea of when we might be. Great.

Anonymous said...

Forest Hill exchange subscribers are getting fibre to the home. Sweet. The black-and-yellow trunking can be seen adorning various telegraph poles in that part of the world. No idea when it goes on sale but much of the physical infrastructure is in place now.

Anonymous said...

BT are difficult to avoid since many ISPs use their wholesale broadband products. The ISP handles the billing and customer service and BT does the wires. Only the largest companies can afford to put their own equipment in the 5000 or so BT exchanges. If they do they tend to cherry pick the most profitable areas. Deptford is not a cherry.

Here is a list of the ISPs who are using BT fibre to the cabinet. I am sure you will be spoilt for choice in a year or so, when they get around to connecting Deptford.

On the positive side, the service should have had many of the gremlins dealt with by then.

Until that time I suppose I shall have to put up with 3M download and a miserable 174k upload speed.

I am sure if the government bunged Telecoms industry few million the schedule could be brought forward.

But I guess infrastructure projects like this are not considered to have enough relevance to the economy to justify the investment, despite all the bluster and spin.

To make a significant difference in the roll out the government would have to stump up a couple billion and that is clearly not forthcoming.

For those of you interested in such things, here is what the ISPs think of it all.

Anonymous said...

If you can Virgin is the better option as you dont have to have a landline for broadband,so no paying for line rental.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing but hardly surprising from an industry that reaches average broadband speeds of c6mps but advertises at an average of 15mp despite the attentions of Ofcom and the OFT.

Anonymous said...

I get Virgin fibre optic broadband in SE4, it's good but not sure I would notice the difference... but then i only pay for 'up to' 10mb (out of a potential 50mb). Also, often you do end up getting the phone line as the packages work out cheaper with it.

Anonymous said...

That is just painfully annoying

AnonOne said...

WOO-HOO! BT Infinity seems to be now available in Brockley (Upper Brockley Road anyway).

I've had an e-mail from BT and checked my line on the site: it comes up as ready even though Deptford is not listed on the BT map as enabled. 37mb download and 10mb upload estimated.

I have to wait until the New Year to set up. I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who gets it sooner.

Anonymous said...

Latest check on BT Infinity site tells me end of June 2012 confirming their estimates are useless.

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