Christmas cancelled in Ladywell

Ladywell Village Improvement Group writes:

We have reluctantly made the decision to cancel the Christmas Market this year, which was due to take place Saturday 10 December and would have been the fourth annual Ladywell Christmas Market.

Due to the continued works at our current venue, the forecourt at Ladywell Station, the most recent advice from Southeastern Rail is that they cannot guarantee the works to be finished in time to hold the market there, the decision has been made to cancel the event.

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you with this information but we and Southeastern Rail were hopeful until now that the works would be finished in time.

This was a tough decision and it was made in the interest of the Market. At this late stage we could soldier on and put on a market somewhere but we run the risk of it being a sorry one in an unsuitable venue and we don't want to take that risk. Ladywell is on the up and as such deserves the best market we can give it!


Anonymous said...

This isn't the same as the one at Brockley (on the same day)?

Adele said...

Couldn't it be held in Ladywell Fields? What a shame to cancel just because of the works. Or follow the Big Lunch lead and close one of the roads for a few hours...

Anonymous said...

Or even on the Brockley Market site.

mistletoe said...

@anon it's not the same, but it is the same date as the Brockley Christmas market, which is still on.

Maybe disappointed stall holders could go to the Brockley one instead?

kolp said...

Put the market on Hilly Fields the same time as the ice-rink.

Anonymous said...

Why not just make the Brockley Market one twice as big?

You could get rid of some of the more twee stalls to make room for proper stuff.

Tamsin said...

The two on the same day worked well for the customers - who could go to both if they wished. Tricky for some stall-holders who had to make a choice.

On hold for a year and bigger and better when back on site in 2012 sounds the best option.

patrick1971 said...

They are doing an incredible amount of work at Ladywell Station which does seem to actually involve raising the platform. They've put flagstones in at the front, and are now raising the wall at the back, presumably so they can pump a whole lot of asphalt into the gap.

The station wasn't exactly decrepit before so I do wonder how they managed to get funding for this in the current climate. Presumably some sort of Health & Safety issue as there weren't any of those bumpy tiles for the visually impaired before.

Helen said...

Hi everyone, I'm a reporter for and am looking to interview someone from the Ladywell Village Improvement Group about this. I'm struggling to find contact details on their blog so If anyone could put me in touch that would be really helpful.

My email is



Anonymous said...

Hi Helen,

I sent your message to the group

Anonymous said...

Why not join forces with the Brockley Christmas market!

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