Deptford's Stinking Bishop?

Thames Water has begun the second phase of its public consultation on its plan to build an access tunnel off Deptford Church Street for the Thames Tunnel super sewer project, which gave rise to a local campaign called Stop the Stink. The plans will mean some disruption during the construction and the permanent legacy of some large pipes sticking out of the ground.

Here's the location:

And here's what Thames Water says it will look like once they're done with it:

The proximity of the church doesn't bother BC too much. The plans are fairly unobtrusive and London's ancient buildings sit side by side with all sorts of odd things, which adds to the city's higgledy-piggledy charm. For us, the bigger issues are the disruption caused by the works, the loss of green space and of course, the threat of stink.

In relation to the loss of space, the proposals state:

"The site would be returned as an open space once construction works have been completed, and we have illustrated the potential for an enhanced space to be created for the benefit of the local community. We would work with the local community and council during the development of our design and
construction to work up the detail of the space.

"The majority of the proposed permanent works on this site would be below or at ground level, so would not significantly affect the amount of open space available at the site. All of the existing trees located in the centre of the site would be lost, but high quality tree planting would form part of the enhanced space to be created."

Of the stink itself (bearing in mind that as a riverside community, Deptford ought to gain from a raw sewage-free river), the planners' response is:

"Odour effects at this site are expected to be negligible because we have developed an Air management plan to minimise possible odour and air quality effects arising from the operation of the tunnel. The technology we are proposing to use at this site includes the use of passive below ground carbon filters that will remove possible odour before air leaves the ventilation equipment."

Click here for the full document and tell us what you think.


Anonymous said...

Why do there have to be pipes sticking out of the ground?

Anonymous said...

It has to go somewhere. I do always notice the rank smell when the overground train stops at Wapping though, any idea how similar to it it would be?

jike said...

I don't live in or know the area, so I am not going to comment on this. I just hope though that Thames Water is telling the full truth.

Anonymous said...

They're probably ventilation pipes. There are Victorian cast iron ventilation pipes everywhere, they look like very tall lamp posts and being from an age that cared about what things looked like, they are very decoratively cast. These proposed pipes will no doubt be robustly plain, and therefore stick out.

Anonymous said...

Are there alternative routes???

surely the pipes sticking out of the ground will stink?????

Mouse said...

@ Anon 16:55 Are you also a stench pipe spotter?! Since I first noticed these I've started seeing them everywhere.

Matt-Z said...

BBC article says Thames Water will use underground carbon filters to block the pong.

Good news for Rotherhithe if the sewer avoids King's Stairs Park.

Brockley Nick said...

@Matt - Brockley Central article says that too :)

Anonymous said...

will the filters work though???

Anonymous said...

Nick, the campaign quickly became Don't Dump on Deptford's Heart because campaigners had been led to believe there would be no stink. The campaign is advised by Cllr Alan Smith who also told everyone that Convoys Wharf needed to be decided before it got subjected to the Boris Tax (which Lewisham Planners now deny). Is this evidence that Mr Smith is bonkers.

Anonymous said...

Is there a comparison with the stink from thousands of m3 of poo going into the river at deptford with no stink mitigation? If there is negligible smell at the moment (or you've not noticed it) then perhaps this will be at least no worse. As someone one else has said, there are vent pipes all over London, this one wil use the latest stink blockers!

The disruption is the worse thing, if we make our own "stink" we could influence that and for a project that costs billions we can perhaps get a few quid to turn the existing site into something smarter (albeit with pipes!)

We live in a modern, expanding city. It's not a museum.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"will the filters work though???"

I wonder if that Anonymous asks the same question before going on a plane or doing anything else using modern but tried technology.
And, if so, whether he or she actually ever manages to do anything.

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