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Jimmy Katz: Acting is reacting. 
- Mulholland Drive

Gavin writes:

I'm looking to get together a group of actors in our local area who meet up regularly to read plays or scripts, where we can develop our skill and knowledge as we do so and also to become a resource for local writers and directors who would like to hear their work read aloud. This can be done over a glass of wine at the Brockley Jack or a cup of tea and maybe dinner at mine on occasions.

Meeting to read plays would provide an excellent networking opportunity and would be a great way to broaden our knowledge of plays whilst bringing them to life and using important techniques we use in auditions all the time. Anyone would be welcome to select a play and hopefully we can put ourselves ahead of the game when it comes to auditions just by keeping our skills fresh.

We could also benefit local writers and directors who would like to hear work read out. In fact a couple of directors have already shown an interest in the idea and are enthusiastic to have such a resource on their door step. If you are interested it would be great to hear from you, so please drop me an email at

I work as an actor and you can see my online details on spotlight or at Don't forget to mention if you're vegetarian or not ahead of our first meeting!


Tamsin said...

Mmm, a resource. Would you stray over into Telgraph Hill without payment? In the Telegraph Hill Festival I have sometimes put on a poetry eveing (mainly the work of dead white poets, arranged in advance and read by actors rather than the performance open mic. sort of thing that happened at Moonbows) and it would be good to have a pool of local talent already working together to draw upon.

You could see it as a dry run for something similar in the Brockley Max.

Mr Breakspears said...

Brilliant idea, and I am sure there are plenty of creatives in Brockley.

Anonymous said...

London College of Communication (LCC) student David Honey was the victim of a knifepoint mugging in Brockley, south east London, last weekend.

Honey, 25, a second year Sports Journalism student, was returning home from a house party with a friend, former University of the Arts London (UAL) student Richard Willshere, in the early hours of Saturday morning when they were confronted by two men on Brockley Road:

“As we were walking past a bus stop they crossed the road to our side. Then I realised something wasn’t right. Before I knew it they had their arms around us. I looked down and I saw a knife pressed to my stomach,” Honey told Arts London News.

“The guy asked ‘Have you got anything for me?’ So I gave him my phone and after that he loosened his grip a bit so I ran back home hoping someone was in so I could get help.’’

While Honey returned home the two men took Willshere to an ATM and forced him to withdraw £300.

Upon returning Honey approached police who were nearby: “I went up to the van and told them what had happened and discovered Richard was in the back.

He had managed to get away and a student had let him call the police from their phone.”

As only twenty minutes had passed since the attack Honey was surprised to find the police did not ask him, or Willshere, to help locate the suspects.

“The police did call us a few days later asking what we could remember about the two men but we just couldn’t remember what they looked like. It all happened so fast.

“The worst bit about what happened was that it was so close to where I live and I have only been living there for a month,” Honey continued, “I honestly don’t know if we were targeted because we were students or if it was just a case of wrong place, wrong time.’’

Students are advised to be careful and to avoid walking around wearing headphones late at night.

Brockley Police said that there have been a few reported incidents recently, which bore similarities to the pair’s ordeal, and believe they may be linked.

Mr Breakspears said...

Also, it would be worth advertising this at/through the Brockley Jack Theatre. Maybe they would offer use of a space?

deborah bruce said...

As a director living in Brockley, I would find a group of actors ready and able to read early drafts of new plays a valuable and incredibly useful resource.

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