Greenspaces: Mayow Park, Sydenham

If you're looking for an alternative to Hilly Fields, Telegraph Hill and Blythe Hill for an autumn walk, then Mayow Park in Sydenham is worth a visit.

Lewisham's oldest municipal park is a broad, shallow grassy bowl - a little featureless but handsome and well looked after. It's also great for sport, with plenty of open space, a cricket square, tennis, a bowling green and a great junior zip slide.

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Tamsin said...

What, when it's at home, is a "junior zip slide".

One has an image of those chunky zips you get on children's brightly coloured anoraks having a high old time on play equipment designed specially for them, while their mothers, the sort of concealed zip you get in quality skirts and evening dresses, look doatingly on. But I suspect it is something different.

Anonymous said...

Something like a tyre/seat you sit on that's connected via a vertical cable to another longer, horizontal cable that you can zip along on.

The Health and Safety Trinnies would hate it of course, but it's there for everyone else.

Jah Badger said...

It's miles away. While we're here, may I recommend Battersea Park? It is excellent.

I don't know if it has a junior zip slide, but then I don't know what the hell one of those might be.

Tamsin said...

Ah, a razzle-dazzle - my father made one in our garden, although that was with a loop of rope that you stood or sat in. As you say Health and Safety nightmare - and my older sister did break her ankle trying to copy a move she had seen at the Bath Military Tattoo - but it did seem great fun.

The new young person/adult sized play equipment/adventure playground in the Catford end of Ladywell Fields I think might have a "senior zip slide". Worth visiting anyway. After all the recent rain one could could probably punt again on the cleaned up Ravensbourne.

Brockley Nick said...


"It's miles away. While we're here, may I recommend Battersea Park? It is excellent."

Yes, you may. We often cover stuff further afield, on the basis that we do not exist in a vacuum. It's not that far away, by the way. A short walk from Forest Hill station, two stops from Brockley and one stop from Honor Oak for the BC readers who use that station.

I could make some parks up that are closer, if you like.

NAT said...

@Nick, Central Park?

@Tamsin, I walked the mutt there this morning and to judge by the flotsam line, white water rafting might hace been more the order of the day recently.

The Edwardian photos of punting and pageants on the Ravesbourne are fascinating. I'm guessing the water level took a significant drop when the river was culverted as a flood relief measure.

There's a 'junior zip slide' in the kids playground at Ladywell as well.

MalB said...

"Lewisham's oldest municipal park".

Is this true? I would have thought Lewisham Park, opened 1840, would count as a municipal park, in which case that would be the oldest by, I think, a long way.

Mayow Park is certainly a very early one and worth a visit for that alone. Most of the Victorian parks in what is now Lewisham sprang up towards the end of the great park building period of the later Victorian period, that is, in the 1890s and early 1900s.

Blackheath must be the oldest remaining public recreational space in the borough, although the only bit of it which can be said to be a municipal park is in Greenwich!

D said...

I love the idea of it being called a razzle-dazzle! Reminded me of this

I've always known it as a zip-slide, zip-line or zip-wire. Definitely something zippy anyway.

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