The Deptford Diamond

This other Eden - the roof is made of the same stuff as the Eden Project's biomes

The Deptford Dame has a great article about a new building that sprouted in her manor over Christmas:

A new artist's studio, designed by De Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects, has just been revealed at the southern end of Comet Street. I suspect its form and function will provoke much discussion, although its location means it may not be seen by a very large audience - you really do have to seek it out.

She describes it as a potentially divisive piece of architecture, but we hope it will prove well-loved. For the full article, click here.


Woodman said...

Well at least it doesn't look like it was prototyped using lego bricks like everything else that's springing up at the moment. It's still horrible though. Are there any architects out there who don't want to be 'challenging' and 'divisive' and who just want to design buildings that look good, suit their surroundings and function well for their intended purpose?

Mezzer said...

It does very much look like next door is now shrouded in darkness as a consequence of this build.

Monkeyboy said...

well it was commisioned by the artist to function as a studio so we can perhaps assume that it functions well for its intended purpose?

Woodman said...

So it just fails on 'looking good' and 'suiting its surroundings'. I guess 1 out of 3 is ok for some people though.

Brockley Nick said...

I think it looks good and I think there is a difference between "suiting its surroundings" and "looking the same as everything else". Assuming that shadow is not a major problem, I think it suits its surroundings nicely. The materials seem well chosen and the height and massing's not overbearing. And Deptford is an artistic quarter, so why not have a building which telegraphs this fact?

laughinkarma said...

Deptford is a melting pot. Culturally as well as in architecture! This is a great additionl to unique Deptford. Maybe black is back in fashion?

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