Broca Food Market renews shop search

The BFM's planned move from their home on Mantle Road to Brockley Cross has been scrapped, but they aim to move as soon elsewhere in SE4 once a new tenant's been found for their current unit.

Erin says:

"BFM needs a smaller retail footprint with a more space for a kitchen. I've found another property in Brockley that's perfect and will move there as soon as someone takes the Mantle road property. But there hasn't been any real interest yet! It's such a great space and would be fab for a restaurant or bar!!! We run pop ups quite often in there and it's such a large space!

"When we finally get a new tenant in, we shall move to the new space and be open within the same week. So all the real bread and local veggie fans don't have to panic!"

So Bird's is going back on the market, looking for a new buyer, BFM's staying put in SE4, one way or another, and there is a ready made space in the middle of Brockley for someone who wants to take their chance at opening a new bar, cafe, restaurant or shop. Come on people. Make it happen!