Smiles for sale

Smiles Thai Cafe is up for sale. The owners of the Foxberry Road property are selling up, including the ground floor restaurant (A3) they ran and their two-bedroom flat above.

After a prolonged closure, there was hope that they would be reopening soon, but we misread the signs and the recent renovation work was to prepare the place to sell.

It's very sad to see them leave, but hopefully this means that the unit will finally be brought back in to use. There is now a gap in the market for a really good Thai restaurant in Brockley... In the meantime, Chai's Garden, on the far side of Telegraph Hill, is a good alternative.

Thanks to Robbie and Ali for flagging this.


The Swanmeister said...

Damn. I live a few doors away. And I asked just before Christmas if they were opening again, and they said "Soon"...!

TJ said...

Sad news. Many a great meal there with friends. Good luck to the owners - for a long time it was the only decent place to eat in Brockley.

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