Catford Plan scrapped

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Catford just can't catch a break. Lewisham Council has been forced to scrap its plan to regenerate Catford Town Centre, following a change of heart from TfL, which has decided to review its ideas to re-route the South Circluar - a scheme which was central to the Council's vision. They say:

Over the past two years, the Council has undertaken a considerable amount of work and stakeholder consultation to prepare the Catford Town Centre Local Plan (CTCLP) - a planning strategy that will help guide where and how development should take place in Catford town centre for the period up to 2026. 

On 15 November 2013 the Council submitted the CTCLP to the Secretary of State for Examination. On 19 December 2013 the Council made a decision to withdraw the CTCLP. The primary reason for withdrawal was that Transport for London (TfL), in consultation with the Council, wanted to review their long standing proposals to relocate the South Circular (A205) to the rear of Laurence House. 

However, as CTCLP Policy 1 sets out an alternative approach to TfLs re-routing of the South Circular, this casts some doubt on the potential to deliver the proposals set out in the CTCLP. The withdrawal means that the content of the CTCLP submission version will not be used to determine planning applications. Work on the CTCLP has been halted, but it is expected to resume later this year, once TfL’s study has been carried out.


freethinker85 said...

Surely the plan can be adapted in order to ensure a form of regeneration stills take place? Local authorities should have the power to do this but unfortunately too much is progressively being taken from them what with new pro-growth policies diminishing their control and ability to be pro-active.

Catford Island said...

Yeah, the title's of this post seems a bit misleading - they've said they anticipate work to continue once TfL have sorted out their arse from their elbow.

T said...

so not scrapped then

diggle said...

Yes, scrapped. They will have to come up with an alternative.

Anon said...

The plan they were working to would have seen the south circular stay where it was with some minor tinkering. If this means a more fundamental shift in the layout with the south circular no longer going through the city centre of Catford this is actually good news surely?

Brockley Nick said...

Yes could be. We might end up with a better plan as a result of this one being scrapped.

Louis said...

The plan is paused rather than scrapped as i understand it... but hopefully the review will mean that the south circular will get re-routed as i think the plan is fatally flawed without it. Shambolic timing but it really would be the best outcome. What worries me is there appears to be no transparency and no public consultation with regards to the TFL review... Lewisham Council don't even know who is leading on the issue at TFL (their words).

Anon said...

During the previous Conservative government an extensive research was conducted on improving the South Circular. Despite purchasing numerous properties connected with the Catford road scheme, Steven Norris (a girlfriend in every port) announced the plans had been scrapped.

Originally part of the plan was to widen Plassey Road and the properties were vacated, a property opposite the ABC collapsed having been left neglected for years. And the properties on Plassey Road were handed to a Housing Association, demolished and replaced by flats.

Here's a list of properties and land Department of Transport required for its scheme.

An elected Mayor supposedly quickens decision making and gets things done, but Lewisham Gateway shows it's no better than the old system?

Stuart said...

It's about time the council had some guts and followed through on their plans. Catford town centre is a shit hole, and its more obvious every day that it needs to be sorted out now! Hell ask local residents to contribute. I'm sure they would sort it out themselves if they had the chance!

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