The Gold Medallion of Crofton Park

Jack writes:

I found this St Christopher medallion at Crofton Park Station , this is real sentimental jewllery. There is an inscription on the back. I tried my luck to advertise it at Crofton Park Station but was not allowed to do it, so here I am to try my luck to find his/her owner. Please email me if you are the owner and can tell me what the inscription on the back is.


Spincat said...

I must ask at the station why no-one except station staff or the local police are allowed - or so it seems- to put notices up on the station board; I'd understood it was supposed to be a community noticeboard, when it was first put up. Good luck finding the owner - it has fallen into safe hands.

Crofty said...

Maybe a poster could be put up outside the station on a lamp post or something? Getting the word out at the station would seem to be by far the best way of contacting the owner. How frustrating about the noticeboard! Good grief, very ungenerous of the station staff.

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