Olive's Diary 1914 is a project to digitise the 100-year-old diary of a girl called Olive Higgins, who lies buried in Brockley Cemetery. The diary was written in 1914, when Olive was 16 years old. Eight weeks after she began writing, she was dead.

The man behind the project, Rob McGibbon, is Tweeting one extract from the diary each day, timeshifted by a century, until the last entry on February 25th. The BBC reports:

Mr McGibbon, a journalist and writer, said he became "completely captivated" when reading the newspaper cutting about her funeral that had been enclosed in the book.

"Because then I learnt she was buried in Brockley Cemetery [in south-east London] and it's the exact cemetery I used to look on when I was a little boy," he said. "I was about six years old and my grandfather moved into a flat overlooking that cemetery. So there was that extraordinary geographical connection that absolutely blew my mind and gave me goose bumps."

Thanks to Mike for the tip-off. Follow the diary on Twitter here.