Bring and Buy Book Sale, January 11th

Tamsin says:

In aid of Crisis - in the Telegraph Hill Centre Lounge 12noon to 4pm. Prices from 20p (paperbacks mostly five for a £1) to £2 (hardbacks 50p to £2) or maybe a bit more for something really special.

Drop off donations any time during the week beginning Monday 6th Jan at the Centre or the Hill Station. Then come and buy, buy, buy!

Books will be sorted for easy browsing. You can also bring donations on the day of the sale if you wish.


sunbabies said...

Would they be accepting/interested in children's books? We have lots of those when my chld outgrew some of hers.

Sanjit said...

Yes, please do bring them along

Tamsin said...

Indeed, bring them along (tomorrow if possible, but if not on the day itself) and stock up with others that she is growing, will grow into.
We've got seven boxes donated from St. Dunstan's library - so loads for children/young adults of every age range.

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