Vesta's Pathway to Crime

Liz, of Vesta Road, writes:

Last week at about 5.30pm my neighbour who lives in the upstairs flat spotted a chap, who looked a bit like a builder, skulking around our shared front garden with a bucket.

He didn't think too much about it as he was putting his bike away in the garage, and the guy got in to a white van which someone else was driving and they drove off. When my neighbour came to the front path he noticed that someone had stolen a load of tiles from the original Victorian pathway - the scumbag had also done it a couple of doors down, also where the same orginal Victorian tiles had remained for a hundred years.

Our next door neighbours had come back to their house about 4.30 and their young daughters had been playing on the bars that serves a partition between our two gardens and so would have definitely noticed had the tiles not been there at the time.

The family affected a couple of doors down noticed this about the same time, so all in all we're pretty sure it was the builder chap at 5.30 who did both. We've told the police but there's nothing to stop them coming back or attacking other peoples pathways. Might be worth letting everyone know to be vigilant, if they see anyone being suspicious? It must have taken him a good few minutes to prise them up...