Little Nan's Market

Maya from MAYA Bakery writes:

After running a successful cake & cocktail event at Little Nan's Bar in Deptford in November, the owner, Tristan, has kindly given me an opportunity to start a new pop-up market in the hallway of his bar to run once a month. 

There is currently space for 5 stallholders in total, so I'm looking for 4 others who would like an opportunity to showcase their products/creations with me. I'm quite open about what the other stalls will sell, but no other cake stalls and no food that needs cooking on site. Other than that arts/prints/jewellery/textiles/pottery, etc would be great.

Tristan is making me an introductory offer of £15 per hour, so if there are five of us in total and we hire it for 5 hours, that will work out at an incredibly reasonable £15 each for the full hire.

I'm planning to run the first one on Saturday 8th February to trade between 12-4pm (but hire from 11:30am-4:30pm for set-up & pack-up). This neatly ties in with Little Nan's one year birthday event, so no doubt it will be a busy afternoon. There are tables available in the hallway for stallholders to use.

If any local businesses are interested in joining me for this, please get in touch.


Hilary Fagan said...

Hello - I would be interested in having a stall. This is me: Let me know!
Thank you!

Brockley Jon said...

Probably worth emailing Maya as we can't guarantee she'll read the comments :)

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