Art and Crafts in Marylebone and Brockley

Good news everyone!

We’ve found another legitimate excuse to plug our lovely new shop Homemade London, which offers craft workshops and parties in a place called Portman Village, near Marble Arch tube.

This excuse comes in form of Helen, a Brockley-based designer and sign painter, who did an amazing job on our shop-front, as you can see here. Even the blokes who run the hardware shop next door had to grudgingly concede that she’d done a brilliant job, despite their initial skepticism that a woman could paint a shop.

You’ll already be familiar with her work from the sign she painted for Browns of Brockley. She is also working on a proper window display for us, so she is as versatile as she is talented. If you have any similar requirements, you can email her here.

We’re also pleased to say that, despite having to abandon initial plans to locate in Brockley, we have nonetheless snuck subliminal advertising for South East London into our courses, in the shape of this fabric, which is actually Sydenham viewed from above:

Homemade London is now taking bookings – please click here