Indulgence at TWO8SIX

286 Lewisham High Street,
SE13 6JZ
30th August · 19:00 - 22:00

We've been meaning to write about the TWO8SIX club in Lewisham for some time, since it is one of the few gay venues in the area.

Indulgence is not another chance to hear the collected works of Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole while sinking reasonably-priced cocktails. It's an art exhibtition featuring five local artists. The organisers say:

A group exhibition featuring the work of five emerging artists that explores the idea of indulgence within contemporary British Culture.

Each artist asks the audience to reconsider what it is to indulge. What does it mean to indulge in luxury? To immerse yourself in beauty, in an object, emotion or fantasy?


joy said...

This place is OK and just about the only show in town if you're gay in lewisham

Ageing Lothario said...

Unless you count the Sahara that is one more show that the straights get.

Once you are over 21 and stop frequenting the Venue that is.

mintness said...

Keep meaning to check this place out, as it can't be any worse than the grotty provincial bars I grew up with, but it's difficult to find the motivation when Soho et al are 20-30 minutes away and it'd take me about as long to stumble home over Hilly Fields. File under "glad it's there and will promise to have a look at some point".

Brockley Dogging Society said...

Mintness, I think you should reconsider the stumble home over Hilly Fields. Don't move too quickly... to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I've found it a bit cliquey, less attitude at the rose and crown in greenwich.

Anonymous said...

great post thanks

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