Brockley: A True Underdog Story

If you can dodge the traffic at Brockley Cross, you can dodge a ball.

Dodgeball is a sport of violence, exclusion, and degradation. Which means that Brockley should be to the sport what Kenya is to long-distance running. To capitalise on our people's natural advantage, The 'Awful Dodgers' were born.

The Dodgers are a Brockley based team who have just joined the Dodgeball UK Autumn/Winter League and will be playing fixtures on Thursday nights from the 16th September at T47, London Bridge.

Baller Steve writes:

There doesn't seem to be much sports action appearing on your blog so why not start by featuring a sport that no one realised actually knows the rules of of knew actuall existed?

In our inaugural season we currently recruiting for a couple of more players who might have seen the film and fancy giving Dodgeball a go.

In return I'd be happy to send you some match reports if Brockley Central fancies apdoting us.
This time next year we'll be playing at the Las Vegas Open, Rodney.

Our motto is currently: Adepto vestri genua sursum, dodge in vicis - (Get your knees up, Dodge in time). Although equally....if we start to struggle for players it could be: "Can vos lascivio in Thursday?" - Can you play on Thurday?

For more details those interested can email

We'll be following the team's progress, hopefully all the way to Vegas. Are we sure that that amount of coverage is completely necessary? Is it necessary for Brockley Central to drink our own urine? No, but we do it anyway because it's sterile and we like the taste.