Recommended Places

Restaurants, cafes and takeaways

The Gantry
188 Brockley Road - 020 8469 0043

Smiles Thai Cafe
106 Foxberry Road - 020 8469 0953

Mo Pho
10 Coulgate Street

The Broca
4 Coulgate Street - 020 8691 0833

Browns of Brockley
5 Coulgate Street - 020 8692 0722

Le Querce
68 Brockley Rise - 020 8690 3761

11 Coulgate Street - 020 8692 4136

119 Brockley Rise - 020 8291 2400

The Brockley Mess cafe and CueB gallery
325 Brockley Road - 07772 232 862

Cafe Oscar's
48 Ladywell Road - 07590 690 825

Ladywell Tandoori
81 Ladywell Road - 020 8690 1047

Fishy Business
1 Harefield Road - 020 8469 2004

Brockley's Rock

317 Brockley Road - 020 8694 1441

Bird of Paradise
258 Brockley Road

Bars and Pubs

Jam Circus
330-332 Brockley Road - 020 8692 3320

The Orchard
5 Harefield Road - 020 8692 4756

The Royal Albert
460 New Cross Road - 020 8692 3737

The Talbot
2 Tyrwhitt Road - 020 8692 2665

The Wickham Arms
69 Upper Brockley Road - 020 8692 8686

Mr Lawrence bar and wine merchant
391 Brockley Road - 020 8692 1550

The Ladywell Tavern
80 Ladywell Road - 020 8314 2801

The Brockley Jack
410 Brockley Road - 020 8699 3966

The Brockley Barge
184 Brockley Road - 020 8694 7690

New Cross House
316 New Cross Road

New Cross Inn
323 New Cross Road

Little Nan's Bar
46 Deptford Broadway

Hopscotch Bar
72 Honor Oak Park


12 Coulgate Street - 020 8691 0857

Sounds Around
195 Brockley Road - 020 8692 9347

Gently Elephant
169 Brockley Road - 020 8692 2881

The Broca Food Market
209-211 Mantle Road - 020 7358 8343

Geddes Hair and Beauty
42 Ladywell Road - 020 8690 0509

297-299 Brockley Road - 020 8691 8686

Peter James Family Butchers
1 Ewhurst Road - 020 8690 3320

El's Kitchen
71 Ladywell Road - 020 7998 2889

1c Mantle Road - 020 7277 6881

31 Tanners Hill - 020 78692 3679

Endwell Road Business Centre - 020 7064 5222

Slater & King
46 Ladywell Road

Pistachios Hilly Fields
Hilly Fields, near the tennis courts


Misty Moon Gallery
80 Ladywell Road

The Rivoli Ballroom
350 Brockley Road - 020 8692 5130

The Hill Station
Kitto Road - 020 7639 0214

Lewisham Art House
140 Lewisham Way - 020 8244 3168

The Brockley Jack Theatre and Film Club
410 Brockley Road - 0844 847 2454

Crofton Park Library
375 Brockley Road - 020 8314 8726

The Sunflower Centre
Montague Avenue - 020 8694 2714


Anonymous said...

no Magi?

I think their buying is great these days. I always find something I really like and something I shouldn't but do buy. It wasn't the case previously so something has changed policywise I think.

Hugh said...

Babur is a phenomenon. Hard to find a restaurant with food that good whose service and efficiency doesn't detract from it.

Bea said...

Browns? That's Lud's place! :)

loooovely coffee.

Monkeyboy said...

Nick, no WH Beloved? A must for all dead animal related products

Brockley Nick said...

I left out some of the further flung places - New Cross, Nunhead, Honor Oak some Deptford. But may expand the list in future - it's a directory, that there is now a permanent link to on the home page for reference. Something I've been meaning to do for ages, but which is quite frankly, a shag.

Anonymous said...

Long Time Cafe has been renamed Merlin.

Proud NXG_Resident said...

Two more for you Nick that have opened up in the last week.

The Black Flag pub on 44 Lewisham Way. (Big opening night is tonight)

This place looks absolutely BRILLIANT. All the info can be found here:

The London Particular cafe & coffee shop on New Cross Road.
I actually had a coffee and home-made cake from this place last Saturday and they were both lovely. To get a flavour of what they serve and to whet your appetite, check out the photos on their Facebook group here:!/pages/London-United-Kingdom/The-London-Particular/121418224568323?ref=ts&__a=7&ajaxpipe=1


Anonymous said...

Long time is then no more. What does Merlin serve?

Name said...

Reading this list makes round here seem quite a good place to live doncha think?

Real Ale Drinker said...

I take it the Black Flag is another rebranding of the Rosemary Branch - none of which have so far been an improvement over the original.

Brockley Nick said...

@Proud - interview with London Particular coming soon. Wasn't aware of the Black Flag, will check it out, thanks.

Mezzer said...

When I passed last weekend, the only obvious change from the outside was a black flag hanging there.

The photos on Facebook are of awful quality and so it's hard to make out what has changed.

TJ(O) said...


I was driving a friend to the station the other night and as we went down Harefield and passed the Orchard, Toads, Degustation et al that place looked like it was (giving it the kiss of death) finally happening.

Lots of arty attractive student types also helps...8-)

NXG_Resident said...

@ Real Ale Drinker

I think the marketing could make all the difference. Different musical genre nights (ska, 80s indie & electro, rock and metal) will cater for a wider range of people, while it's clear to see they are aggressively targeting the Goldsmiths' student community.

I'm not sure it will appeal to the discerning ale fan such as yourself, but then again, none of the pubs in New Cross really do anyway.

I'm popping down tonight and will post my thoughts about the place tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Ive heard they have got a bit of a head hunter in The Black Flag,to flush out all the undesirables.

Anonymous said...

Browns of Brockley makes one of the best coffees in London, I recommend it if you are coffee lover as I am.

SamB_UK said...

Walked past the Black Flag the other day, and noticed its rebranding - the place seems to have had about five different names in the same amount of years!

I've never been tempted in during any of its incarnations, mainly put off by its clientele, to be totally honest, and the fact that sitting outside means sitting on the main road.

Nux said...

For takeaways I am surprised no one has mentioned EXP Chinese or Royal Tandoori which are both great!

Anonymous said...

Anon, have you tried most coffee shops in London?

Anonymous said...

They had there opening night at the Black Flag Friday.

Anonymous said...

Merlin is essentially the same as Long Time Cafe. They say they serve Asian fusion on their takeout menu that, which looked pretty much the same as the old menu. Wonder why they changed...

david.s said...

I was having a long chat with the owner of long time (aka merlin) the other night. he's a great guy and a fantastic chef, making really lovely vietnamese dishes. we've been regulars since we came to the area several years ago.

he's been experimenting with different layouts (and now a different name) for a while, since i think he needed to get more customers coming in, so he's also expanded the menu to include a much wider range. seems a shame in a way, when he's so good at the stuff he does naturally, but who knows what gets people through the door. Anyway, the name may well change. I think it's pretty rubbish and liked the name long time (taken from full metal jacket), but he though people had been put off thinking the food would take a long time!

Anyway, i said i'd suggest we ran a competition on the blog for a new name. Any ideas?

Aside from that, don't be put off by the weird new look of the place, the bad name or the crumby looking new menu. The guy makes fantastic pho (viet soup) and many other dishes. And if you're a vietnamese food expert he can probably drum up special requests too.

Monkeyboy said...

'tis a daft name, Merlin? After the wizard? Still so long as the food is as good as always and the chaps serving stay smiley.

TJ (O) said...

I loved the name long time, I erally hope he doesn't change it - the only thing that put me off going in before was that everytime I tried there wasn't any spare seating. Love the place - will make sure I use it more

mg said...

I'm so glad the name is changing! Walking past always left me with 2 Live Crew going round my head for an hour. Plus that scene in FMJ is pretty sad. Not what I want to associate with a treat.

urbansurgery said...

can anyone recommend a local brockley store selling garden fireworks (not rockets) and sparklers?

Champion Cat said...

Surprised by the EXP Chinese recommendation. We had a takeaway from there once and it was shocking - tastless, soggy, not fresh, generally unacceptable.

We swear by the New Winner opposite Ladywell leisure centre. It ain't glam but the food is good (you can order with just eat).

Anonymous said...

Aqua hair salon is excellent - great hair cuts, friendly staff, totally listen to what you want and always cone out with fab looking hair. After commuting home (Edinburgh) for haircuts for my first couple of years in london, so glad I have found this local gem :-)

Anonymous said...

Aqua hair salon is excellent - great hair cuts, friendly staff, totally listen to what you want and always come out with fab looking hair. After commuting home (Edinburgh) for haircuts for my first couple of years in london, so glad I have found this local gem :-)

damesouris said...

Would totally agree with the recommendation for Aqua. I've been there twice,once at very short notice, had great cut etc with Rudi, for under £30. They're friendly and businesslike and don't overdo the customer service like some other salons nearby do.

Brockley Kipper said...

Does anyone have a recommendation for a place inn & around SE4 that i can get shoes heeled & soled?
A good old fashioned cobbler please :-)

patrick1971 said...

Terry's All Locks next to Crofton Park station also does shoes. I've had a couple of pairs resoled there and have been happy with the results.

Why do locksmiths always repair shoes as well? Do the two tasks require the same skillset?

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I think you meant to say that Terry's also do shoe's (in the same way they can help with key's).
If you are on the other side of SE4 I've always found Timpsons in Lewisham do a good job. Although they are a chain the guys in there are def. old fashioned cobblers who know their stuff.

Tamsin said...

Or is "shoes" a collective noun in this context and so gramatically singular?

Presumably your apostrophes are ironic...

I think there is probably a synergy between the trades - to use that ghastly but useful jargon term. When small counter-top key cutting machines came in it was probably an easy matter for cobblers to branch out and get one and give some young apprentice the fairly unskilled task of using it when customers also wanted keys cut. Conversely a skilled locksmith with shop-frontage and passing trade could usefully give house-room to a cobbler to the benefit of both.

Anothe fun place with interesting combinations is Go Go Cobblers down Bromley Road (or is it London Road Bromley) who add trophy sales engraving into the mix.

patrick1971 said...

Terry is certainly a fan of the superfluous apostrophe, it's true! Happily this grammatical carelessness isn't reflected in the quality of his work.

Pete said...

I think Terry is alluding to Terry's All Gold.

Dylancat said...

Agree with the EXP criticisms. One of the worst Chinese meals I have ever had.....!

Anonymous said...

I went for dinner on Saturday at the new Guy Awford place on the 1st floor of the Guilford Arms in Greenwich.
Although still in their 'soft launch' the food was absolutely bleedin lovely and I highly recommend it! Not strictly Brockley I know, but easily walkable from the Lewisham Way side of Brockers. Anybody else been?

Disgusted of Brockley said...

Not a recommended shop on here, and probably a rare stop for most BC visitors, but I'd like to share a really poor experience at the Brockley Cross Supermarket tonight (the shop on the corner of the roundabouts).

The ATM claimed to have given me £20 more than it did. The owner and his colleague were extremely unhelpful and did not want to know about the problem, to the point of trying to ignore me. The owner did not even know which company operated the ATM.

The ATM is not their full responsibility, but it is in their shop and they profit from it. But there was not one bit of acknowledgement or help.

Be warned other lazy cash-seeking Brockleyites. It's worth the walk to the free ones.

Peter said...

Very surprised with the couple of negative comments in regard to EXP

Have always found their food top notch, incredibly fresh ingredients (my sister ate in one night and they came and chopped up the veg for the dish at the table)
and also very quick at delivering.

Anonymous said...

a few to remove:
Shop on the Hill,
Long Time,

Brockley Central Label Cloud