The Brockley Central debate: Do we need a CPZ around Brockley Station?

And so the time has come to address a question we’ve been scared to raise until now. But it has begun to bubble up in debates on other threads:

Should Lewisham Council introduce a Controlled Parking Zone in and around Brockley Station and Brockley Cross, similar to the one recently approved in Ladywell?

As a car-owner likely to be caught up in any Brockley CPZ, we don’t relish paying money for the privilege of parking our car. We don’t have any problems finding a parking space, but we do notice that on weekends, the local pavements empty of cars and we’d welcome any initiative that would persuade Lewisham Council to take the issue of parking enforcement in Brockley seriously. However, that ought to be a separate issue – we’ve written before that the area needs is a few vigilant traffic wardens to clamp down on local abuses.

It seems to us that the worst possible world would be for conscientious locals to shell out for parking permits, only to see the abuses continue because Lewisham Council fails to enforce the system.

Nonetheless, it’s a worthwhile debate and we’d be fascinated to see which way the weight of local opinion falls. So let’s have it. Here are the arguments for and against (as far as we can see them). Tell us what you think and please vote in the new poll, but please note the Council has no plans to introduce one and this is not part of a formal consultation - it's just a debate topic!

The case for:

On the Zone 2 borders, Brockley Station attracts car drivers from across South East London, in search of a convenient place to stash their car every day – a CPZ would not only reduce the number of parked cars in the area, it might also cut local road use

BC readers who live on nearby roads have complained that is increasingly difficult to park near their own homes – a CPZ could solve this problem, at a price

Illegal parking in Brockley Cross is a problem – a CPZ ought to be an incentive for stronger enforcement

Van hire companies that use the streets around Brockley Cross instead of paying for a proper parking facility would be forced to find alternative (legitimate) arrangements

 A CPZ could provide the Council with another source of revenue at a time when cuts are on the agenda

The case against:

It’s an additional expense imposed on many local residents in a borough where Council Tax rates are already high

On top of the expense, it’s a massive pain in the neck to have to sort out permits

It could cause displacement of parking problems on to other nearby roads

Parking is still relatively easy compared to many parts of the capital – our pavements are not full yet

A CPZ could dissuade people from shopping in Brockley because parking would become more problematic