The Crown and Sceptre redevelopment

The Crown and Sceptre pub on Friendly Street in Deptford (but Brockley ward) is currently being redeveloped for residential use. The Brockley Society have again ventured beyond the conservation area to ensure that the planning conditions intended to preserve the character of the building during the conversion process are being adhered to. BrocSoc's Robert explains:

Permission was granted last year to convert it into residential flats, including a large extension to the rear. Part of the agreement of the consent was that the external appearance of the building should not change – as it is an important end building in a row of remarkably preserved early Victorian terraces. I have a particular interest in these buildings, as my grandfather grew up in a (now demolished) terrace house opposite. My Great Grandfather use to frequent the Crown and Sceptre, and my grandfather had a “job” running betting slips from the pub to the local bookies as a boy!

When the works were on site, I notice that they had started to strip all the original tiles off the front of the building. I spoke to the foreman, who explained that they had to do this, otherwise the building will still look like a pub. I told him that this was the point, and explained why this was a serious breach of their planning consent, that would likely have repercussions. I went back the next day, and the entire lot had been stripped.
Having raised the issue with the Planning department, it has now become an enforcement issue. I recently received this note from Jan Mondrzejewski from Planning:

“The owner has told us he will replace the tiling. My colleague Rebecca Lamb in Conservation is dealing directly with him on this issue to ensure that as far as possible we replicate the original tiling. The tiling should never, of course, have been removed and the owner has also been reminded that he should also have discharged all outstanding planning conditions requiring submission of details before commencing work.”