East London Line Brings Tha Noize

Listen for lessons I’m saying inside music that the critics are blasting me for
They’ll never care for the brothers and sisters now across the country has us up for the war
We got to demonstrate, come on now, they’re gonna have to wait
Till we get it right
- Public Enemy, Bring tha Noize

In Sydenham, the brothers are madder than mad cause the beats on the East London Line are so dope. The ride, the glide is driving them to suicide.

ThisisLondon reports that residents nearby Sydenham Station are being driven to distraction by the frequency of train announcements since the introduction of the East London Line. The tannoy has been replaced by a man with a loud hailer, who has become D. Public Enemy number one.

In Brockley, we've kept our tannoy but we have thought for a while that the frequency of the trains now makes the announcements redundant. Anyone who spends a few minutes near the station is subjected to a running commentary about life on platforms one and two.

Are any residents in Brockley bothered?