Public drinking public consultation

Lewisham Council's media team has issued the following announcement about a major public consultation:

Plans to trial a borough-wide Designated Public Order (or Drinking Control Zone) have been given the go-ahead by the Mayor, Sir Steve Bullock.

Before the pilot can be put in place, Lewisham Council must conduct a public consultation so that people have an opportunity to express their views.

The Designated Public Order will give police a discretionary the powers to stop people and confiscate, demand and dispose of any alcohol within the boundaries of Lewisham borough.
The DPPO is not a ban on alcohol consumption in a public place, and does not make drinking in a public an offence, but is a measure that can assist in tackling problematic street drinking linked to anti-social behaviour. The intention of the DPPO is to provide police with a tool to address alcohol-related disorder in a quick and effective way. Failure to comply with a request from the Police to hand over alcohol can result in arrest and/or a fine of up to £500.
The DPPO would be reviewed following a 6-month trial period.

Mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock, said: “Lewisham Council has worked closely with Lewisham Police, the community and stakeholders.

“The difficult issue of anti-social behaviour brought about by street drinking needs to be tackled and the implementation of a pilot borough-wide DPPO will enable us to review its effectiveness and look at our options, once the results have been analysed at the end of the pilot.”

Borough Commander, Detective Chief Superintendent Jeremy Burton, said: “The use of this power is not directed at stopping people drinking responsibly in public; it is a further tactic in our drive to reduce anti-social behaviour associated with alcohol abuse and misuse. We will continue to work with Lewisham Council and our communities in combating alcohol related disorder and I look forward to the results of this pilot.”

Before the implementation of any DPPO, the Council is required by law to consult with the public. To take part in the consultation go and click on the ‘Check our active consultations’ and then ‘Lewisham Designated Public Place Order’.

Alternatively, comments can be emailed to
The consultation ends on 27 August.