They Live: Cllrs campaign to save Lewisham Way crossing [UPDATED]

Local Cllrs Vincent Davis and Vicky Foxcroft have come here to chew bubblegum and petition the public... And they're all out of bubblegum.

They have launched a petition to 'save' the pedestrian crossing on Lewisham Way that has been identified by Mayor Boris as one that could be removed in the interest of traffic flow smoothing.

As we argued on this thread, the idea to remove it is a terrible one, so we of course support the petition, although it is our understanding that the Mayor's team is only consulting on these sites at this stage and a decision has not yet been made.

The petition says:

We, the undersigned, call upon Mayor of London, Boris Johnson to reverse his decision to remove the pedestrian crossing on Lewisham Way, the effect of which would be to make crossing to St. John's Train Station and St. John's Medical Centre more hazardous for pedestrians.

It's good to hear something from our newly-elected Councillors, who have been relatively low profile thus far. We've asked Brockley's new ones for an interview but none has been forthcoming yet and a quick straw poll among BC's Twitter community suggested their record hasn't been much better in the physical world.

It's interesting to note that the first campaign we've seen from them relates to an initiative being led by the Conservative Mayor of London and we hope the next thing we hear from them relates to Lewisham borough politics. Too much of the current political debate in Lewisham, whether in party literature or in Council meetings seems to consist of point-scoring over national politics, rather than the local matters that our Councillors are elected to deal with.

We hope to bring you interviews with Cllr Foxcroft and Cllr Adefiranye (and indeed any of the other newly-elected officials in the local area) soon.

UPDATE: We're happy to say that we've now managed to get in touch with Cllr Foxcroft via Twitter and she has kindly agreed to an interview - coming soon.