La Lanterna update

In addition to letting us know about work on the Crown & Sceptre, Rob from the Brockley Society has also provided an update on La Lanterna, where work on the restaurant refurbishment has stalled. He reports:

I met up with the owner a couple of months ago. He showed be around the building. The hotel element was nearly complete – in so far as the walls were plastered, and ready for painting. The quality of the work looked fairly good.

He told me that they had came across some serious structural problems, which needed rectifying. I discussed the outside appearance of the shop front with him, and his foreman. He agreed that he would remove the fauxballustrading (which he has done), and the odd pediment relief.

His foreman agreed that they can reuse elements of the triangular shape to rebuild it as a rectangular sign. As far as I am aware, Lewisham’s Planning and Enforcement have not been involved with this issue.

So, the most contentious features of the new restaurant have been dealt with, but no news yet on the new completion date. We hope to bring you more in due course.