To lose two looks like carelessness

After last month's unfortunate encounter between a van and Mantle Road bridge, friend of BC Drakefell Debaser spotted another white van victim this weekend.
It's almost as if God himself supports our bid to get rid of the vans from Brockley Cross.


uppertoff said...

Too many vans around the cross and the immediate area is a concern for many.
Illegal parking is dangerous as previous comments on this issue last year indicate. You have to walk around vehicles and onto the road sometimes... its not fair.

Perhaps a cpz may not be in the spirit of the local community. BUT... a 2 hr control parking restriction could work!

During school holidays... UBR (where I live) and I am sure Manor Ave may not suffer as much parking congestion because many commutors are off on holiday.
It can be a total nightmare trying to park at other times!

Its realy difficult driving along Manor Ave when cars are parked at junctions esp'where it joins Ashby Rd.
I feel for residents with cars on this road! You probably end up on UBR at times... if you can find a space that is!

Its great that we do not have a cpz that exists 9- 6 in Broc', however it would be ideal if;
1. the area surounding the station and nearby residential streets had some controlled parking (2hrs) whereby local residents were not penalised in any way... (I don't want to have to pay a fee like many others to park outside my place if possible!). Could we just have a resident's sticker that exempts a parking fee... or is this a ridculous suggestion??
A 2 hr cpz would have the sole purpose of hopefully deterring commutors driving into Brockley and parking close to the station.

Local business would not as far as I can imagine find this idea a concern? It works in other London boroughs... Blackheath/ Greenwich two good examples.
I drive and I use public transport.
If I want to drive to an area for my own convenience then I am prepared to pay for this and respect parking restrictions.
2) Parking restrictions could also prevent illegal parking at the cross which as I am sure we agree is a 1950's traffic folly. Dangerous to cross and just as tricky to drive through esp' when at certain times vehicles are double parked.

The above will not work unless local residents agree and the council can enforce restrictions.

Can the people who own this van hire company take their vans elsewhere please! Sometimes these are parked on UBR as a spill off from the cross... it makes sense now why we see so many of them!
Surely they could find a car lot for parking... there are plenty around.

Anonymous said...

Ive noticed cars are starting to park on the pavement in Upper Brockley Gardens.

Bumbags said...

I was against parking restrictions on UBR when asked by the council a few years ago. I have to say I'm now for it. It is a total nightmare trying to park at the moment. Not sure how much space is commuters, how much is the MOT place on the corner, how much is rental vans, and how much is local. But it has got a lot worse over the last couple of years.
I think uppertoff makes some good points. A residents' sticker would be a great idea with maybe some 2 hour limit bays for non-stickered cars between 9-6. Two hours is plenty to pop into shops or have lunch, so wouldn't affect local traders.
I am concerned that as the news of the better transport links spreads, people will see Brockley as one of the only zone 2 places to park for free all day.

uppertoff said...

Good one bumbags!
I am glad you feel as I do- initially opposed to restrictions but yes... it has got worse in the past few years, so perhaps we need a Plan B.
Good point... as news spreads re: new rail link - it could get worse.
Shame there are so few comments on this issue - it seems too many people like a good old moan and dig at fellow bloggers rather than putting forward constructive comments. Hope that more will comment in due course, I know many are not happy. Lets keep this issue up for a while so that more can add their comments!
We want some kind of parking restriction please!!!

drakefell debaser said...

The load bang as this van hit the bridge was incredible.

The bright yellow strip which drivers keep missing that indicates the bridge height is carrying some nice battle scars now.

Bridge 3(4?) Driver Nil.

Node said...

This really is only an eastside problem as a westsider there is more than enough space despite the proximity to the station. I guess the nightmare of getting to Brockley Cross from here in rush hour puts the commuters and vans off, plus the handy bridge ha ha...

So no CPZ needed here thank you, I park outside my house day in day out, only occasionally needing to venture further...

david.s said...

I emailed Lewisham ( earlier this year to ask about setting up a CPZ around the station, and this is the response I received:

"Early in 2005 the Council carried out a widespread parking consultation. The purpose of this consultation was to identify areas of the borough where there were pressures on parking and where residents supported the development of parking controls. The consultation included the Brockley area.

There was no majority support for further consultation on controlled parking in your area and the Council will therefore not be pursuing such work in this area in the immediate future. The Council's policy is that we will only consider introducing CPZs where this is supported by local people.

I'm afraid that a Controlled Parking Zone is the only measure by which extraneous parking can be controlled. The introduction of other parking restrictions (yellow lines or time limited bays for instance) would affect local residents as much as they would people from outside the area.

I have however brought your concerns to the attention of the Parking Implementation Team who maintain a database of roads where concerns about parking have been expressed".

When I pointed out that things had changed much since 2005 and the East London Line would potentially bring more commuters parking around the station for free, I got a further response:

"I've raised it with the parking team so they are aware. They maintain a database of requests for parking controls and future programmes of consultation are developed based on this data. The current programme will take till 2011 to complete but later this year we will start work on developing the new programme."

I would suggest that anyone who feels as strongly about needing some restrictions email Lewisham at the address above. The most they'll do is carry out a survey of who wants it in about two years time, but I feel it's worth making sure they do that. I speak as someone who can rarely park within 50metres of my own house, and often have to double park to unload shopping, kids etc.

Tamsin said...

The issue of a CPZ was raised in Telegraph Hill around New Cross Gate when the Congestion Charge was about to come in.

At that time LBL were more up-front about their reasons for the offer being all or nothing - a two hour zone would not make money or cover costs.

Their consultations were also flawed - badly phrased questions and the results being analysed by road not post-code - fairly useless when you have roads nearly half a mile long with completely different conditions top and bottom.

But better luck this time - maybe the Ward Assembly can show its teeth with actually formulating points and questions for council officers to address.

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