Honor Oak Station to get lift access

The long-awaited programme to improve access at stations along the southern stretch of the East London Line is about to get underway. Network Rail has applied to add two lifts to Honor Oak Station (with the Council due to decide on the plan this week). Brockley's west-side lift is due to be installed next January.

Story via the Honor Oak forum.


guest said...

Sounds good... but we still *desperately* need an entry to the station on the West side of the tracks.

Sean said...

Considering the level of expense and disruption with the current rail works at St Johns, it seems odd that the footbridge access isn't being improved to the station. Completely inaccessible to anyone who is disabled or not strong enough to lug a buggy up and down the stairs. Never understood why the footbridge goes across all the rail tracks, when platform is only a few metres directly below the road bridge on St John's Vale.

CB said...

Finally! This is good news!

Michael_fh said...

An indicative diagram of the station  with the lifts can be seen on The Forest Hill Society site

Darian Thomson said...


The reason why the footbridge goes over all four tracks is that their used to be 4 platforms and a station building ontop of that car park, I agree with you though although I suspect Network Rail don't want to invest in St. Johns due to not being a high usage station.

Excellent news about Honor Oak and Brockley stations!

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