57 Loampit Hill to reopen as arts space

Mary writes:

We are currently renovating the old chemist shop on 57 Loampit Hill and hope to open it in September as a creative space within the community. We will begin with offering small workshop events - where individuals can learn new skills -traditional and contemporary - make something of quality, tap into their personal creativity and have fun.

The space will also host art shows, exhibitions of work, demonstrations, and offer the opportunity for local upcyclers, crafters and makers to sell their work. Open to ideas it should be a space that changes over time but essentially its all about making - 57 varieties possibly!

Primarily for adults but there will be some family/child friendly activities.

I'm looking for a freelance publicity/marketing professional to join us. Being local is important, with experience in the creative industry and project start ups desirable - I'm keen to tap into local talent. Interested people can contact me for a chat and more info.

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Ruth _ said...

My immediate response to this post was excitement at the thought of having a creative learning space.... Nice.

Mickeymouse said...

How will they make enough money to pay the rent?

TM said...

As far as I recall the sign on the chemist when it closed down said "Freehold for Sale". If the owners have bought the Freehold there will not be any rent to pay - just a mortgage - unless they were cash rich maybe?

Anyway hope they don't compete too much with the drawing classes at the Talbot and Misty Moon events at the Ladywell Tavern as reported elsewhere.

brockleymum said...

Sounds great Mary. I pass the shop every day and was wondering what it was going to be. Family and events for toddlers would be very welcome with me. I look forward to hearing more about your plans.

mary mcgeown said...

Thanks for the thumbs up - there is a facebook page called Loampit Hill where we are posting updates if you would like to see how we are doing

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